Exhibition: Chongqing Jiaotong University

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Exhibition: Chongqing Jiaotong University

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Contact Us: Dean: Prof. YANG Shengfa,

Associate Prof. FU Xuhui,


Chongqing Jiaotong University is a distinctive, multi-disciplinary university with a primary focus in transport engineering.

The University is gaining better education resources. Currently, it has three campuses: Nan’an, Shuangfu and Daping. Together, they occupy an area of nearly 3,000 Mu in total, over 830,000m2 school buildings, nearly 4.4 million print books and E-books, about 1500 categories of journals and magazines, more than 100 Chinese and foreign language databases, CNY 439 million valued teaching and research equipment.

The University features an array of quality teachers. It today has more than 2000 faculty, including about 1500 full-time teachers, 700 professors, and more than 120 people enlisted in National Scholar Program. Additionally, it has employed over 150 distinguished part-time professors including academicians, famous entrepreneurs and engineering masters.

The University is committed to the field of transport engineering. It offers doctoral programs for transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering, management science and engineering, civil engineering. The University today comprises of 19 schools, including the Civil Engineering School, River and Ocean Engineering School, Traffic and Transportation School, etc. 

The University has obvious advantages in technical research and development and social services in the field of water conservancy and water transport. It has the National Engineering Research Center for inland waterway regulation and 12 Key laboratories at provincial and ministerial level. The laboratory covers a floor area of 50,000 m2 and test site of nearly 100,000 m2. It has successively undertaken research project supports by national science and technology support plan, national key research and development plan and National Natural Science Foundation. We contribute to great projects of the Three Gorges Water Control Project, the regulation of the upper Yangtze River waterway, Chongqing Orchard Port and many other national key water transportation projects. We have won 4 national science and technology awards and nearly 100 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

 Organization Activities/ Business Field

  • Research fields includes:

  • Theory and Technology of Waterway Regulation

  • Sediment Dynamics

  • Design theory and damage diagnosing of hydraulic construction

  • Optimized layout of hydro-junction and navigation technology

  • Geological disasters and prevention, water resources and water environment

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