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HR Wallingford

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HR Wallingford is an independent engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation that has been operating for over 70 years. It delivers practical solutions to complex water-related challenges faced by its international clients. 

A dynamic research programme underpins all that it does and keeps it at the leading edge. Its unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities includes state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of numerical modelling tools and, above all, enthusiastic people with world-renowned skills and expertise. 

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 Organization Activities/ Business Field 

HR Wallingford focuses on the complex challenges that water brings, and the innovative, practical solutions it takes to solve them. Its people apply their world-renowned skills and expertise in the fields of climate change, coastal management, ports and waterways, water resources, flood management, equipment and technology, oil, gas and mining, power and desalination, and smart data solutions. 

HR Wallingford has the most modern and extensive suite of physical modelling facilities available anywhere in the world. Its state-of-the-art physical modelling facilities are housed in three purpose built halls, extending to around 14,400 m2, and include: wave basins, fast flow facility, wave flumes and specialist facilities for tsunami simulation. HR Wallingford is a world leader in simulating vessel navigation. The ten real-time simulators in its ship simulation centres have been used in over 700 projects world-wide, and have proved to be reliable, flexible and cost-effective design and evaluation tools.


  • Arcboat survey vessels

The ARCboat is a remote controlled boat used to collect river and estuarine data including flow, depth and suspended sediment concentrations. HR Wallingford developed it in partnership with end users to meet their exact needs. The boat can carry a variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and other instruments. 

The ARCboat Lite is optimised to carry out bathymetric and river current surveys in lower flow environments. With a robust, lightweight hull, it has been designed for use by a single person. It can reach more of a survey site than previously possible, thanks to high manoeuvrability and shallow draft.

  • Dam and reservoirs

HR Wallingford’s independent experts have global experience in the design, operation and management of reservoirs and dams. Our engineers, asset management specialists, dam break and sedimentation modellers develop integrated solutions to the most complex dam and reservoir related challenges.

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