Journal of Ecohydraulics | Vol. 6. Issue 1, 2021

JOURNAL OF ECOHYDRAULICS | Vol. 6. Issue 1, 2021The Journal of Ecohydraulics (JoE) is an international, peer reviewed journal, publishing high-quality, original research. It publishes varied research undertaken in ecohydraulics, covering water resources and aquatic life, ecology, biology, hydraulics, engineering, geoscience, environmental science, climate change, and other related fields, with an emphasis on the integration of these disciplines and the contributions they can make for a sustainable future.

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Fish are important members of river ecosystems and serve as an index to evaluate the environment. In this issue, six papers are presented which discuss a wide array of topics including the rehabilitation of river channels, fish way structure, the ecohydraulics of lamprey and salmonids, from larvae to adult fish, with a particular focus on the interaction with geomorphology and the linkage between fluid dynamics and fish biology.


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