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Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research is an online journal from International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) and the World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE).
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Call for papers

We welcome technical-oriented papers providing directly applicable solutions to water engineering problems, and insight into case studies and practical research. Authors must have in consideration:

  • The manuscript should provide direct applicable solutions, thereafter reproducible.

  • Aim for international dissemination of innovative methods, so interesting for a broad audience (not just local case).

  • Interface technology-based solutions within hydro-environment and its ecological values and services, thus being within an engineering context.

  • Being methodologically sound.

  • Not just being a "usual" report of physical or numerical model study but focusing on a specific advance of technological applications, however not necessarily requiring to be a new or original advance.

  • Article should have a section on application or case study.

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Aims and scope

This peer-reviewed Journal launched in 2013 publishes papers and practical case studies on all aspects of hydro-environment engineering and research. Practically-oriented papers and case studies are particularly welcome. Papers cover fluid systems in the hydrosphere, such as rivers, lakes, coastal waters and groundwater within an engineering context, and including hydraulic machinery, hydraulic structures, water supply, treatment and drainage systems. There is a strong interest also in environmental monitoring, catchment hydraulics, water quality and ecohydraulics and their role for climate change studies, flood risk management, desalination, re-use and water security. JAWER welcomes applications related to integrated water resources management and hydropolicy, and aims for international dissemination of innovative methods specifically showcasing studies on interfacing technology-based solutions within the hydro-environment and its ecological values and services.

Editor in chief

David Smith

Dr. David Smith, Engineer, Research and Development Center, US Army Corps of Engineers, USA

Deputy editor

Dr Miguel Ángel Pérez

Dr. Miguel Angel Perez Martin, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Department, Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

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