Accessing IAHR Video Library

While keeping most clips in the IAHR Video Library accessible to all and benefiting the whole community, we do lock up very few of them upon the request of the video owners or providers with concerns about copyright or in their personal will.

In most cases, in order to watch these privileged ("locked") video clips, you will be asked to 1) log in with your free or paid IAHR account (when you see "Log-in Required"), or 2) become an IAHR member (when you see "Member Exclusive"). In either case, alternatively if you have an "access code" for the specific video, you can click the "Use access code" button to immediately gain access.

How can I tell which are privileged videos?

They look different from the free videos, and they have a "VIP" icon under the title on the right. In the image below, you will see a free video collection on the left side, and a privileged one on the right side.

How can I access these privileged videos?

Log-in Required

If a video requires a log-in, after the first few minutes, you will see "Log-in Required" and be asked to log in or use access code. Simply log in with your IAHR account (free or paid), or input a valid access code. If you don't have an account, create a free IAHR account in less than one minute.

Member Exclusive

If a video is reserved for IAHR members, you will see "Member Exclusive" and be asked to log in with a valid IAHR member account. Log in if you are already a member, or become an IAHR member and then log in to access the video.

Not sure if you are a free user or a member? After logging in, move your mouse to the upper right corner over your photo or your name, and then go to "My Account". If your "Type" is "non-member", then you are not a member, but only a user with a free IAHR account.

If you are still confused or having problems accessing a specific video, please write to

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