Journal of Hydraulic Research, Volume 58, Issue 1, February 2020 Is Now Available Online

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JHR, Volume 58, Issue 1, contains:

State-of-the-art paper

Bedload transport: a walk between randomness and determinism. Part 1. The state of the art
Christophe Ancey

Vision paper

Bedload transport: a walk between randomness and determinism. Part 2. Challenges and prospects
Christophe Ancey

Research paper

Individual violent wave-overtopping events: behaviour and estimation 
Alison Raby, Ravindra Jayaratne, Henrik Bredmose & Geoff Bullock

Run-up of long waves generated by bottom-tilting wave maker
Heng Lu, Yong Sung Park & Yong-Sik Cho

Transient stability of a hydro-turbine governing system with different tailrace tunnels
Hao Zhang, Wentai Pang Researcher, Diyi Chen, Yu Tian, Edoardo Patelli, Chaoshun Li Professor & Jianzhong Zhou 

Synchronized PIV and pressure measurements on a model Francis turbine during start-up
Rahul Goyal, Michel J. Cervantes & Bhupendra K. Gandhi

Prediction of hydro-acoustic resonances in hydropower plants by a new approach based on the concept of swirl number
Arthur Favrel, Joao Gomes Pereira Junior, Christian Landry, Sébastien Alligné, Loïc Andolfatto, Christophe Nicolet & François Avellan

Experimental study on the 3D-flow field of a free-surface vortex using stereo PIV
Alex Duinmeijer, Gosse Oldenziel & Francois Clemens

Two-phase flow DES and URANS simulations of pump-intake bay vortices
Pengfei Wu, Daniel Horna Munoz, George Constantinescu & Zhongdong Qian

Spatially-averaged flows over mobile rough beds: equations for the second-order velocity moments
Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Vladimir Nikora, Stuart Cameron, Mark Stewart & Christopher Gibbins

Analytical and field verification of a 3D hydrodynamic and water quality numerical scheme based on the 2D formulation in CE-QUAL-W2
Hussein A. M. Al-Zubaidi & Scott A. Wells

Technical Note

Investigation on continuous pressure wave in a periodic transient flow using a three-dimensional CFD model
Bing Yang, Jianqiang Deng, Wenjun Yuan & Zeliang Wang


Symmetric junction manholes under supercritical flow conditions By Juan Saldarriaga, Gina Rincon, Gloria Moscote and Maria Trujillo
Gaetano Crispino & Corrado Gisonni

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