Mitma awards the Spain's National Prize for Civil Engineering to Felipe Martínez Martínez

The Jury has awarded the Prize to Felipe Martínez Martínez, after considering the outstanding qualities and circumstances that characterize the professional career of this Civil Engineer.

The Jury of the National Prize for Civil Engineering of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), chaired by the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Isabel Pardo de Vera, has decided to award the corresponding National Prize for Civil Engineering to the 2022 call to Felipe Martínez Martínez, after considering the outstanding qualities and circumstances that characterize the professional career of this Civil Engineer

This Prize is awarded to Felipe Martínez in recognition of his extensive, fruitful and brilliant work linked, throughout his professional career, to the General State Administration with a clear vocation for public service. He has held different positions of responsibility in which he has demonstrated his great technical and managerial capacity, leading teams in various fields such as civil engineering, the environment and the merchant marine, promoting scientific and technological advances and undertaking and solving very varied nature.

Professional career of Felipe Martínez Martínez

Felipe Martínez MartínezA large part of the professional work carried out by Felipe Martínez was carried out at the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX), where he held, among other positions, the Directorate of the Center for Studies of Ports and Coasts (CEPYC) until he was appointed General Director of CEDEX. During this period, he strengthened and developed the agency's activity in terms of protecting the environment affected by Public Works, making CEDEX a reference agency in the matter at a national and international level. 

In addition, it promoted the incorporation of advanced equipment for on-site investigation of civil engineering constructions. It incorporated unique facilities that were essential for Spain to have autonomy and sufficient capacity to undertake the research and studies that the country needed, placing CEDEX and Spanish engineering at the top of the international scene. 

At the international level, Felipe Martínez led the creation of the European Forum of Road Research Laboratories, FEHRL, of which he was President and member of the Board of Directors and promoted CEDEX, together with the main European Institutes, to be a founding member of the annual meetings of Directors of Hydraulic Research Institutes. Likewise, since 1997 the CEDEX has been the headquarters of the Secretariat of the International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR) of which Felipe Martínez was a member of the Council and vice-president and, later, appointed honorary member of this association.

His time as General Director of the Merchant Marine and President of the Maritime Rescue and Safety Society (SASEMAR), was characterized by the brilliant technical and human work he carried out. It provided the units with tools and rescue means for the search and rescue of shipwrecked persons, for the detection of contamination and the creation of logistics centers to deal effectively with maritime emergencies. 

He has held various professional positions: Vice President of the Maritime Engineering Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona; Member of the Interministerial Commission and of the Science and Technology Advisory Council, as well as of the Governing Councils of the Canal of Hydrodynamic Experiences of El Pardo and State Ports; Director of different public companies (AUXINI, ALDEASA, HOLSA, CORREOS), etc. 

spain's National Civil Engineering AwardHe is currently a Member of the Maritime and Marine Affairs Committee of the Spanish Institute of Engineering, where he actively participates.

In his academic facet, he was professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the Madrid School of Public Works. Director, advisor, professor and member of the Teaching Commission of several national and international courses. 

In addition, he is the author of numerous reports, studies and projects, as well as publications, articles and conferences on topics of applied mathematics, hydraulics, ports and coasts and the technology of Civil Engineering. 

But if there is something that should be highlighted, without a doubt, about Felipe Martínez, it is his intelligence, his enormous capacity for work and his great planning and management skills that, together with his closeness and kindness in dealings, make him a born manager

For all these reasons, it has been considered that Felipe Martínez outstandingly meets the characteristics of the call and it should be noted that his long career, both in the professional and academic fields, has sufficient merit to be awarded this Prize from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda in its 2022 edition.

Spain's National Civil Engineering Award

Spain's National Civil Engineering AwardThe National Civil Engineering Award is an award granted annually by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in accordance with the provisions of the Order of August 3, 2001, as a reward and recognition for the work carried out by a professional related to civil engineering. Since that year, nineteen prizes have been awarded to as many professionals of recognized prestige in this field. 

For its granting, the merits of the candidates are valued with objective criteria, for which the social, economic, aesthetic and technological repercussion of their activity is taken into consideration. 

The Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX), dependent on Mitma, is in charge of promoting and managing the tasks associated with the granting of this award.

Source: La Moncloa

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