Grants available for the 7th IAHR Europe Congress

NEXUSNET calls for applications for conference grants aim at supporting young researchers, innovators, and PhD students from Inclusive Target Countries (ITC) to attend international conferences, not organised by the Action. ITC Conference Grants offer reimbursement for travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses, registration fees, printing of scientific poster and overall effort. The maximum grant amount is EUR 2000,00 per grantee for face-to-face conferences or EUR 500,00 for virtual conferences. Each application will be assessed independently by the Grant Awarding Committee of the Action, and an evaluation score will be given considering (i) the background of the conference, the sessions and the scientific issues that will be addressed in relation to the Action’s strategic priorities and objectives as defined in the Action’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and (ii) the degree to which the proposed paper/poster/panel complements or contributes to the Action strategic priorities and objectives as defined in the MoU.

NEXUSNET aims to empower collaborations between EU and international researchers and stakeholders, synthesize the existing empirical Nexus research and produce an intellectual toolkit, demonstrating a clear link to improved resource management and governance outcomes that underlie the value of Nexus

Who is eligible to apply?

  • PhD students, young researchers and innovators (under the age of 40) affiliated in an institution located in an ITC country: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. Check the latest version of the list

  • The country must participate in NEXUSNET network.

  • The list of recommended events is suggested below, however applicants are free to find other relevant events that:

    - Serve COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy

    - Support Young Researchers and Innovators affiliated in a legal entity in Inclusiveness Target Countries/Near Neighbour Countries to establish a strong network and increase their visibility in the research community through sharing their work and to gain knowledge

    - Can contribute to increasing visibility of NEXUSNET

    - Are not organised by NEXUSNET

How to apply?

  • Applications for grants are managed through the e-COST management tool. All applicants must have an e-COST profile

  • Fill in the form in the e-COST system

  • Upload supporting documentation:

    - ITC Conference grant application (based on e-COST template)

    - Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral or poster presentation, if applicable

    - Acceptance letter from the conference organisers

    - Cover letter justifying how the conference participation will contribute to increasing visibility of NEXUSNET

  • For additional information on the submission via the e-COST system, applicants may visit the Grant Awarding User Guide, or How-to-apply guidelines

The ITC Conference Grants of this 1st Call will be available within the 1st Grant Period of the Action, i.e. end of October 2022.

Applications should be submitted until 8 July 2022. Decisions will be announced by 15 July 2022.

Recommended events

7-9 September 2022, 7th IAHR Europe Congress Innovative Water Management in a Changing Climate, Athens, Greece

IAHR Europe Congress

Reporting and getting paid

Grants are paid by the Grant Holder after the completion of the activity and approval of all required report/documentation. The deadline to submit the report is 30 days from the end of the activity, within 15 days from the end date of the Grant Period. 

The report must include

  1. Report following the template

  2. Certificate of attendance

  3. Programme of the conference or book of abstracts/proceedings indicating the presentation (oral or poster)

  4. Copy of the given presentation (oral or poster)

If the Grant Awarding Coordinator approves the report, the grantees will receive a notification that the grant can be offered, followed by the payment.

Participant grants are non-commercial transactions, therefore, claims as such are not subject to V.A.T deduction. Taxes normally due or applicable with respect to the payment of the grant are not to be deducted from amounts payable to participants. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that all amounts that they receive from COST funding are compliant with their national tax rules and obligations. Provisions related to Force majeure impacting travel in paragraph A1- 3.1.6 of Annex 1 are applicable to financial support for networking activities organised through a Grant Awarding Process. A user guide for claiming expenses in case of force majeure is available to the participants.

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