IAHR Logos

Different formats of IAHR Logos are provided below for authorized uses only.
If you need our logos in better quality for other format, please contact the Secretariat:

Victor Entizne
+34 91 335 79 08


IAHR_small.jpg   (Standard)

IAHR_small_transparant.png   (Transparent background)

IAHR_small_white.png   (Transparent background; texts in white)


IAHR_portret_small.jpg   (Standard)

IAHR_portret_small.png   (Transparent background)

IAHR_portret_small_white.png   (Transparent background; texts in white)

White and transparent on dark background

IAHR_white_landscape -w450.png   (Standard landscape)

IAHR_white_portret -h450.png   (Standard portrait)


YPN_large.jpg  (Landscape)

YPN_logoportret.jpg  (Portrait)

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