Online and Free ISE2022: 14th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics

14th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics

Nanjing, China during October 10-14, 2022 |

Ecohydraulics is a rapidly developing inter-discipline of ecology and hydraulics brought about by the ever-growing concern of aquatic and riparian ecology. Since its first edition in 1994, the International Symposia on Ecohydraulics (ISE) have provided platforms for scientists and engineers worldwide to discuss cutting-edge scientific progress, compare and evaluate state-of-the-art technical methods, and recommend them to the end-users.

ISE 2022 covers a wide spectrum of topics related to ecohydraulics in theory and in practice. ISE 2022 features an ECoENet pre-conference workshop which helps early career researchers working in ecohydraulics find opportunities and overcome challenges. Five high-profile keynote speeches will be presented, covering globally concerned issues including fish conservation, ephemeral streams, and carbon cycling. Five parallel conference rooms, 44 sessions, and 182 oral and poster presentations will be made by researchers worldwide.

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Keynote Speakers

Thibault Datry

INRAE, France

Evelyn Habit

Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Brian D. Fath

Towson University, USA

Jinren Ni

Peking University, China

Taylor Maavara

University of Leeds, UK

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There are 7 conference rooms. The pre-conference workshop ECoENet biannual meeting is in the conference room ECoENet. The opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and the keynote speeches are in the conference room Main track. Oral presentations are categorized in 5 parallel conference rooms: S1: Hydrologic aspect of ecohydraulics; S2: Hydraulic aspect of ecohydraulics; S3: Ecohydraulics on micro-scale, S4: Ecohydraulics on macro-scale, S5: Applied Technology in Ecohydraulics. Poster presentations are demonstrated in the E-poster display room.

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