Join the First IAHR African Scholars Meeting! Submit your CV by 15 December

IAHR African Scholars MeetingThe IAHR Africa Division is establishing a new annual online event entitled IAHR African Scholars Meeting. 

This event is designed to work as a platform to: 

- advertise African scholars and their work, and 

- bring African scholars closer together and encourage collaboration among them. 

The meeting will tentatively last for 3 days: 

  • Day 1: Keynote speeches by African scholars working outside of Africa 

  • Day 2: Keynote speeches by African scholars working in Africa 

  • Day 3: Presentation by African Young Professionals/Postragduate students 

We intend to have about 3 to 4 speakers each day. Initially, the event is planned to be online, but we will consider making it a face-to-face event in the future. 

We would like to collect information (short CVs) from our African IAHR members and from other African non-IAHR members who are interested to participate in such event. 

Download CV template  in Word format  in PDF format

The Africa Division will collect the submitted short CVs and use them to help selecting speakers. The selection will be mainly based on the diversity of the speeches (not about academic seniority or accomplishment). 

Please submit your CV to: with the subject "African Scholars CV". The deadline is 15 December 2022.

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