New IAHR Book: Water Projects and Technologies in Asia

Water Projects and Technologies in Asia. Historical PerspectivesBy Hyoseop Woo, Hitoshi Tanaka, Gregory De Costa, Juan Lu. 

Pre-orders from 8 April 2023.

This new IAHR Book is a collection of highly refined articles on the historical water projects and traditional water technologies of international interest in the Asian regions, addressing information on past water projects (mostly before the 20th century) that are technically and culturally of interest and educationally valuable. 

Water Projects and Technologies in Asia explores historical water projects in these regions, presenting technologies used at the time, including calculation and forecasting methods, measurement, material, labour, methodologies, and even water culture. It is expected that the old Asian wisdom of "reviewing the old and learning the new" would be realized to a certain extent in modern planning and practice of water projects.

The book will enable the reader to understand historical water projects and technologies in the Asian region. It can be used as a one-stop resource to source notable Asian water projects and their relevance to modern-day technology.

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