IAHR Policy of Digital Preservation Archives


IAHR -International Association for Hydro-environment Engineering and Research- is committed to providing persistent access and long-term preservation of the e-library. It is our responsibility to preserve the integrity and understandability of our content following digital preservation best practices to creating a sustainable platform for hosting and preserving digital assets. In addition, the e-library is able to control access to different collections of proceedings through five levels of permissions. Ensure stable and sustainable access to the e-library while still being able to be used flexibly.

Scope and purpose

The e-library is using the Alibaba Cloud service. And it adheres to international information security standards and is committed to using international best practices. Alibaba Cloud adheres to all the domestic information security standards of the countries and regions where our cloud services are deployed, as well as the industry requirements. This includes current third-party periodic assessments and reviews performed by many certification authorities.

This policy applies to all content that is included and will be included in the e-library module of the

This policy governs the approaches taken to actively preserve and maintain content ingested into the e-library and to promote a sustainable digital preservation program.


• Content located on working servers are backed up on secondary servers.

• The e-library data use OSS (Object Storage Service).

• Preservation metadata.

• Secure storage.

• Virus check on ingest.

• Monthly fixity check.

• Each paper has a unique and permanent page.

• The e-library use five levels to control the access of proceedings permission.

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