IAHR Webinar on Numerical Simulation of Effluent Discharges

IAHR Webinar on Numerical Simulation of Effluent Discharges

IAHR Webinar on
Numerical Simulation of Effluent Discharges

Tuesday 16 May 2023
9 AM New York | 1 PM UTC | 3 PM Madrid | 9 PM Beijing

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With the increase in population, the development of regional economy and the acceleration of industrialization, wastewater effluents are increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for effluent treatment and disposal capacity. In this case, the numerical simulation becomes a powerful tool. Although the numerical simulation technology has been significantly developed, the turbulence modeling problem of jet or plume has not been completely studied, and further research is needed.

This webinar will briefly introduce the application and configuration of outfalls, the basic principles of numerical simulation and various methods of turbulence modeling, In addition, the simulation case of OpenFOAM for sewage discharge modeling, and the improvement in the numerical model will be further discussed. The speakers hope that this webinar will provide the audience with information and constructive discussion.


Majid Mohammadian_165x130.jpg

Majid Mohammadian

Xiaohui Yan_165x130.jpg

Xiaohui Yan

Hossein Kheirkhah_165x130.jpg

Hossein Kheirkhah


Invited talks

  • Introduction to Simulation of Outfall Systems Using OpenFOAM (10 mins)
    Majid Mohammadian | Professor of Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa, Canada

  • Principles of Numerical Simulation of Effluent Discharges (20mins)
    Xiaohui Yan | Associate Professor at the Dalian University of Technology, China

  • Application of Effluent Discharges in Shallow Water (20 mins)
    Hossein Kheirkhah | Senior Water Resources Engineer at Barr Engineering Co., United States

Q&A (5-10 mins)

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