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Challenges for the Establishment of Sediment Budgets – Comparison of Three Sediment Budgets in Austria 2022
Coherent Structures, Sediment Entrainment and Varying Shields Numbers Below Threshold Conditions of Motion 2022
Danube, Niger and Mekong – Comparing the Sediment Status of Large Rivers 2022
From Snow to Sea — Managing enclosed seas under climate threat 2022
RFID Bedload Monitoring in Austria 2022
Sediment Replenishment Along Rivers - Advection and Dispersion of Gravel Inputs 2022
Suitability of Artificial Gravel Structures as Hydraulic Measures for Low Flow Regulation in a Navigable River 2022
The Effect of Submerged Groynes in a Near-Natural Rough Open Channel Flow 2022
Variability of Shape and Extent of a Sediment Plume in a Two-Way Coupled LES Model Using an Euler-Lagrange Approach 2022
Width Estimator for Restored Streams (WIDEST). I: Model Development 2022
Width Estimator for Restored Streams (WIDEST). II: Model Application 2022
Major issues in Large River Basin Management 2020
Coherent Structures During Particle Entrainment 2019
Delta Formation in Reservoirs of Run-of-River Hydropower Plants in Gravel Bed Rivers – Experimental Studies with Nonuniform Sediments 2019
Research on Alpine Sediment Processes, Morphodynamics and Ecosystem Behaviour Considering Extreme Events 2019
Sediment (Dis)Balance – a Significant River Management Issue 2019
Three-Dimensional Variability of Suspended Load Transport in Rivers and Its Ecological Implications in Terms of Reservoir Flushing and Controlled Reservoir Drawdown 2019
Dam Sedimentation Management and Ecological Impact Assessment in Large River Basins 2018
Ecological and Sedimentological Monitoring Concerning the Emptying of a Bedload Retention Dam 2018
Experiments on Turbulence and Near Bank Vorticities in an Open Channel Sharp Bend 2018
Hydrodynamic and morphodynamic sensitivity of a river’s main channel to groyne geometry 2018
Numerical Groyne Layout Optimisation for Restoration Projects in Large Rivers: An Adaptive Approach Towards a Desired Morphodynamic Equilibrium 2018
The Impact of Climate Change on Sediment Supply, Transport and Habitat Forming Processes in Small River Catchments –Case Studies from Upper Austria 2018
Spatio-Temporal Interaction of Morphological Variability with Hydrodynamic Parameters in the Scope of Integrative Measures at the River Danube 2016
Numerical Analysis of the Effects of Engineering Measures on the Lower Danube 2015
Innovative Approaches in Sediment Transport Monitoring and Modelling 2013
Devellopment and Testing of a Device for Direct Bed Shear Stress Measurement 2012
Non-uniformity and layering in sediment transport modelling 1: flume simulations 2011
Non-uniformity and layering in sediment transport modelling 2: river application 2011
Optimizing the Suspended Sediment Monitoring Strategy by Using Adcps at Austrian Rivers 2009
Evaluating Functionality and Sustainability of River Widenings at the Kamp River/Austria Concerning to Flood Protection and Aquatic Ecology Including a Numerical Sensitive Test 2007
Extreme Floods and Integrated Flood Management 2007
Simulation of Flow Characteristics in Groyne Fields Using a Particle Tracing Approach 2007
Reservoir Management and Sediment Budget 2003
Efficiency of Local River Restorationsresults from Numerical Modelling and Monitoring 1997

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