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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
IAHR Council Vice President 2023-09-01 Now
IAHR Council Editor 2021-07-07 2023-12-31
Transient Flows Working Group Advisor 2020-04-01 Now
JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Past Chair 2017-08-29 2021-07-01
JHR Editorial Board Editor 2017-01-01 2023-12-31
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Chair 2013-09-08 2017-08-29
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Vice Chair 2012-01-01 2013-09-08
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2012-01-01 2017-01-20

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Physics-Informed Neural Network Model for Transient Wave Propagation in Pressurized Pipeline 2022
Experimental Evaluation of the Fluid-Structure Interaction Under High-Frequency Wave Excitation in a Fluid-Filled HDPE Pipe 2019
Leak Localization Using Time Reversal Technique 2019
The need for high order numerical schemes to model dispersive high frequency acoustic waves in water-filled pipes 2019
Influence of nonlinear turbulent friction on the system frequency response in transient pipe flow modelling and analysis 2018
Numerical study of the blockage length effect on the transient wave in pipe flows 2018
Eigenfrequency shift mechanism due to variation in the cross sectional area of a conduit 2017
High-frequency acoustic wave properties in a water-filled pipe. Part 1: dispersion and multi-path behaviour 2017
High-frequency acoustic wave properties in a water-filled pipe. Part 2: range of propagation 2017
Study of the Eigenfrequency Shift Mechanism Due to an Interior Blockage in a Pipe with Small Radial Protrusion 2016
Analysis of transient signals in simple pipeline systems with an extended blockage 2013
Effects of Gravity Waves on Shear Instability in Compound Channels 2013
Experimental verification of the kinetic differential pressure method for flow measurements 2013
Frequency domain analysis of pipe fluid transient behaviour 2013
The effect of time–frequency discretization on the accuracy of the transmission line modelling of fluid transients 2013
Leak detection in complex series pipelines by using the system frequency response method 2011
The Effect of Random Inhomogeneities of Pipe Cross-Sectional Area on Wave Propagation 2011
A robust two-equation model for transient-mixed flows 2010
Energy-Based Stability Criteria for Shallow Flows 2010
Essential system response information for transient-based leak detection methods 2010
Numerical Study of the Effects of Coral Reefs on Tsunami Run-Ups 2010
On Langmuir Circulations in Unsteady Free Surface Flows 2010
Uncertainty Propagation in Pipe Fluid Transients 2010
Unsteady friction and visco-elasticity in pipe fluid transients 2010
Application of Godunov-type schemes to transient mixed flows 2009
Energy Method for the Analysis of Stability of Shallow Water Flows 2009
Investigation of the Effects of Coral Reefs on Coastal Wave Propagation by Model Simulations 2009
Probabilistic Analysis of Transients in Water Supply System Design 2009
Importance of Numerical Efficiency for Real Time Control of Transient Gravity Flows in Sewers 2005
Nonliner Analysis on Shallow Turbulent Wake Flows 2005
Review of Sewer Surcharging Phenomena and Models 2005
Comparison Between Muscl and Kfvs Methods for 1-D Shallow Water Equations 2002
Invited Lecture: Roll Waves and Surges in Channels: Onset and Initial Development 2002
Analysis of One-Dimensional Unsteady Shear Stress Models in Waterhammer 2001
Influence of Momentum Correction Coefficients on Linear Stability Analysis of Open-Channel Flows 1999
Modeling Advection-Dominated Transport Based on Boltzmann-Theory 1999

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