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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
JOE Editorial Board Editorial Board member 2017-01-01 2018-01-20
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Past Chair 2013-10-02 2015-08-06
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2012-01-01 Now
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Chair 2012-01-01 2013-10-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Closure to “A Lagrangian drifter for surveys of water surface roughness in streams” by CHRISTIAN NOSS, KAAN KOCA, PEGGY ZINKE, PIERRE-YVES HENRY, CHRISTY USHANTH NAVARATNAM, JOCHEN ABERLE and ANDREAS LORKE, J. Hydraulic Res. 2021
A Lagrangian drifter for surveys of water surface roughness in streams 2020
Determination of Flow Resistance Parameters of Blackberry for Hydraulic Modeling Considering Plant Flexibility 2019
Statistical significance of spatial correlation patterns in armoured gravel beds 2019
2D Numerical Simulation of Meander Morphology 2018
A Flume Study to Investigate the Contribution of Main-Channel Bedforms on Levee Formation 2018
An Experimental Investigation on the Flow Resistance over a Porous Gravel-Bed Surface and Its Non-Porous Counterpart 2018
CFD Modelling of Fish-Friendly Trash-Rack in Open Channel 2018
Hydraulic Physical Model Production with Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Manufacturing Techniques 2018
Hydraulic Performance of Inlet Controlled Culverts in Steep Streams Under Sediment Load 2014
Random Field Approach Based Analysis of Bed Form Heights in Curved River Sections 2013
Verifying a Photogrammetric Method to Quantify Grain Size Distribution of Developed Armor Layers 2013
Experimental Investigation of Propeller Jet Induced Scours 2012
Dune Dynamics in Curved River Sections 2010
Flow Resistance of Rigid and Flexible Emergent Vegetation Revisited 2010
Analysis of Form Induced Stresses over Rough Gravel-Bed Armour Layers 2007
In Situ Flume for Studying Cohesive and Non- Cohesive Sediment Erosion 2007
The Effects of Saltmarsh Vegetation on Drag Forces and Shear Stresses 2007
Description of Steep Stream Roughness with the Standard Deviation S 1999

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