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IAHR Council President 2019-10-01 2023-08-31
JHER Editorial Editor 2018-01-01 2019-12-31
IAHR Hydraulics Past Chair 2012-01-01 2013-09-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Vortex-Flow Intakes 2023
Artificial Intelligence 2022
Fluid mechanics for carbon reduction in wastewater treatment plants 2022
Full Issue of Hydrolink 2021-4 Extreme Flooding Events 2021
Water Ecological Civilisation Implementation in an International Megacity 2021
Breakpoint Reaction of Chlorine Jets in Ammonia Nitrogen and Treated Primary Effluent: Modeling and Experimental Study 2020
Daily Beach Water Quality Forecast: 3D Deterministic Model Vs Statistical Model 2020
Message from the President 2020
Prediction of Lead Concentration at Consumer Tap of Lead Contaminated Water Supply System in High-Rise Buildings 2020
Real time forecasting and automatic species classification of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) for fisheries management 2020
Real-Time Data Driven Forecast System for Coastal Algal Blooms 2020
On the head-discharge relation of a "duckbill" elastomer check valve 2019
3D CFD Modeling of a Supercritical Bottom Rack Intake 2018
3D Numerical Modeling of a Supercritical Intake with a Flow Diversion Barrier 2018
Engineering Turbulent Mixing for Chlorine Disinfection of Harbour Area Treatment Scheme 2018
Remote Sensing of Coastal Algal Blooms Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 2018
Dissipation of Wave Energy During Wave-Ice Interactions Due to Overwash: Experiments and Direct Numerical Simulations 2016
Study of a Chemically Reacting Chlorine Dense Jet Discharging into Coflowing Treated Sewage 2016
Study of a Vertical Dense Chlorine Jet into Treated Sewage 2016
Stochastic Lagrangian Modelling of Vertically Upward Sediment-Laden Buoyant Jets 2014
Application of 3D Deterministic Model on Marine Beach Water Quality Management in Hong Kong, China 2013
Eco-hydraulics and eco-sedimentation studies in China 2013
Steady Vortex Flow in Tangential Intake 2013
Mixing of 45° Inclined Dense Jets in Shallow Coastal Waters: PIV Measurements 2012
Buoyant Jet Interaction Above an Alternating Diffuser 2010
Daily Forecasting of Coastal Beach Water Quality 2010
Generalization of Reichardt's Hypothesis: Multiple Coflowing Square Jets 2010
Numerical Simulation of Aerated Flow in a Supercritical Flow Diversion Intake 2010
Design of Tangential Vortex Intakes for Stormwater Diversion 2007
A Hydrodynamic Model of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations for Free Surface Flows 2005
A New Approach to Effluent Plume Modelling in the Intermediate Field 2005
Bottom Rack Intake for Supercritical Storm Flow Diversion on Steep Urban Catchment 2005
Numerical Study of Multiple Tandem Jets in Crossflow 2005
The Measurement of Sediment Oxygen Demand – Diffusional Mass Transfer and Chamber Hydraulics 2004
Keynote Lecture: Urban Flood Control in Hong Kong -- Challenges and Solutions 2002
Effect of downstream control on stability and mixing of a vertical plane buoyant jet in confined depth 2001
Numerical and experimental study of unsteady salt water purging in Hong Kong sea outfall model 2001
Discussion 1999
Experiments of a Duckbill Valve (DBV) Jet in Coflow 1999
Discussions 1996

My Videos

Title Year
Joseph H.W. Lee - Sustainable Urban Water Management: A 10-year Retrospective on Some Research Issues [ICWES2022] 2024
IAHR Water Monograph Webinar 2: Vortex-Flow Intakes 2023
Joseph H.W. Lee - Opening Address - SE UN Water 2023 2023
Discussion & Closing of 2nd IAHR Presidential Lecture 2022
Joseph H.W. Lee - Introduction of 2nd IAHR Presidential Lecture 2022
Joseph H.W. Lee - Opening of ISE2022 2022
Joseph H.W. Lee - Welcome Remarks of Carbon Neutrality Dialogue 2022
Joseph H.W. Lee - Opening Address 2022
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Opening Remarks 2022
Joseph Lee - Opening Remarks of 2nd IAHR Young Professionals Congress 2021
Joseph Lee - Opening Remarks of the JoE Webinar 2021
Joseph Lee - Opening Remarks 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Opening Speech for 2021 IAHR-HK Chapter Annual General Meeting 2021
2021 IAHR Awards - 1st IAHR Online Forum 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Introduction of 1st IAHR Online Forum Africa Session 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Opening Address for 1st IAHR Online Forum Opening Session 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Fluid mechanics in environmental applications: current and emerging challenges 2021
[Subtitled, Eng+Chn] How to Write a Good Paper for a Top International Journal 2021
Joseph HW Lee - How to Write a Good Paper for a Top International Journal 2021
Opening Remarks - Joseph HW Lee 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Introduction 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - 人工智能在水华预测与渔业管理中的应用 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Address 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Welcome by the President 2021
Joseph Hun-Wei Lee - Introduction to IAHR & Artificial Intelligence (AI) for identification of toxic algal blooms 2021
Joseph Lee - New Year Video Speech for 2021 2021
Joseph HW Lee - Inter-disciplinary Research for an Ecological Civilization 2020
Joseph Lee - Chair Introduction 2020
Joseph Lee - Innovative Urban Storm Water Management - adapting to climate change 2020
Joseph Lee - Introduction 2020
World Water Day 2020 - Panel Discussion 2020
World Water Day 2020 - Questions and Answers 2020
Joseph Lee - Challenges for smart environmental management 2019

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