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IAHR South East Spain Young Professionals Network Student Advisor 2012-06-06 2020-07-29

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Air Entrainment in Rectangular Free Falling Jets 2020
Analysis of Two-Phase Flows in Plunge Pools of Nappe Jets 2020
Characterization of Two-Phase Flows in Plunge Pools 2018
Comparison of PIV Measurements and CFD Simulations of the Velocity Field over Bottom Racks 2016
Experimental and Numerical Study of Scour Downstream Toachi Dam 2016
Effective Void Ratio and Rack Length Definition by Experimental Measurements of Flow with Gravel Size Sediment Through Bottom Racks 2015
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Velocities in Plunge Pools of Free Falling Spillways 2015
Plunge pool dynamic pressures: a temporal analysis in the nappe flow case 2015
Analysis of Sedimentation and Flushing into the Reservoir Paute-Cardenillo 2014
Scour Analysis Downstream of Paute-Cardenillo Dam 2014
Analysis of the Scale Ratio in Nappe Flow Case by Means of Cfd Numerical Simulation 2013
Flow and Sediment Transport Through Bottom Racks. CFD Application and Verification with Experimental Measurements 2013
Hydrodynamics Characterization in Plunge Pools. Simulation with CFD Methodology and Validation with Experimental Measurements 2012
Numerical Simulation and Validation of Intake Systems with CFD Methodology 2012
Numerical Simulation and Validation of Hydrodynamics Actions in Energy Dissipation Devices 2011
Measurement of Velocities and Characterization of Some Parameters Inside of Free and Submerged Hydraulic Jumps 2009
Prediction of total bed material discharge 2007
Pressure Characterization of Undeveloped and Developed Jets in Shallow and Deep Pool 2007

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