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IAHR Position

Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Global Water Security Past Chair 2024-05-01 Now
Africa Division Advisor 2022-03-02 Now
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2021-12-07 2024-05-01
Committee on Global Water Security Chair 2021-12-07 2024-05-01
JHER Editorial Advisory Editors 2018-01-01 Now
Working Group on Scour Research Chair 2017-08-13 2024-05-01
JAWER Editorial Board Advisory Editors 2017-01-01 Now
JOE Editorial Board Advisory Editors 2017-01-01 Now
JRBM Editorial Board Advisory Editors 2017-01-01 Now
Committee on Ecohydraulics Advisor 2014-08-04 2015-08-04
Malaysia Advisor 2014-03-10 Now
IAHR Cardiff Young Professionals Network Student Advisor 2012-01-01 2013-05-22
JRBM Editorial Board Editor 2012-01-01 2017-01-01
United Kingdom Co-opted 2012-01-01 Now
IAHR Council President 2011-01-20 2015-07-31

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Introduction to Global Water Security and Opportunity for IAHR 2022
Recent IAHR achievements under the presidencies of Roger Falconer (2011-15) and Peter Goodwin (2015-19) 2020
Influence of Different Momentum Sources on Modelling Tidal Lagoons 2019
Flood Modelling and Hazard Assessment for Extreme Events in Riverine Basins 2017
Appropriate Flood Risk Assessment Tools for Predicting Flood Inundation Extent and Assessing Flood Hazard Risk for Flash Flood Events 2015
Combined Potential and Impacts of Tidal Lagoons Along the North Wales Coast 2015
Effect of Three-Dimensional Mixing Conditions on Water Treatment Reaction Processes 2015
Disinfection Kinetics in CFD Modelling of Solute Transport in Contact Tanks 2014
Full Issue of Hydrolink 2014-4 The Efficiency of a Vertical Slot Fishway 2014
New criterion for the stability of a human body in floodwaters 2014
Refinements to Turbine Representation in Modelling the Severn Barrage 2014
An Input-Output Approach to Linking Ecosystems to Water Quality Effects of Tidal Power Schemes 2013
CFD Study of Flow and Transport Characteristics in Baffled Disinfection Tanks 2013
Distributed Numerical Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modelling for Large River Catchment 2013
Estimation of Flood Hazard Risk Relating to Vehicles 2013
Flood Hazard Assessment of Vehicle Blockages at Bridges 2013
Impact of Different Marine Renewable Energy Scheme Operating Modes on the Eutrophication Potential of the Severn Estuary 2013
Integrated Water Management Solutions from Cloud to Coast: Application to Ribble Basin 2013
Large-eddy simulation of turbulent open-channel flow over three-dimensional dunes 2013
Modelling Fate and Transport of Faecal Bacteria in the Ribble Estuary, UK 2013
New Criterion of Human Stability in Floodwaters Based on Theoretical and Experimental Studies 2013
Physical and Numerical Modelling of the Severn Barrage 2013
Physical and Numerical Modelling of the Wake Characteristics of the Savonius Tidal Stream Turbine 2013
Turbulent Free Surface Flow over a Gravel Bed 2013
Comparison of Hydro-Environmental Impacts for Ebb-Only and Two-Way Generation for the Severn Barrage 2011
Input-Output Modelling of Tidal Renewable Energy 2011
Hydro-Environmental Modelling of off-Shore and Coastally Attached Impoundments off the North Wales Coast 2010
Numerical Assessment of People and Vehicles Safety in Flash Floods 2010
The Severn Barrage Project: Modelling Comparisons for Power Generation and Hydrodynamic Impact 2010
2D Morphodynamic Modelling of Dam-Break Flows over Mobile Beds 2009
Numerical Modelling of Morphodynamic Processes in a Laboratory Flume Using Ecomsed 2009
Physical Model Study of Meandering in Fluvial Rivers 2009
The Severn Barrage: Hydro-Environmental Impact Assessment Studies 2009
Numerical Modelling of Sediment Effect on Fate and Transport of Faecal Bacteria in Surface Water 2007
Numerical Simulation of Flood Flows Due to Levee Breaches 2007
Integrated 1-D and 2-D Models for Flow and Water Quality Modelling 2005
Book Reviews 2003
Keynote Lecture: Catchment Flood Management: A U. K. Perspective and Experience 2002
Hydro-Environmental Modelling of Heavy Metal Fluxes in an Estuary 2001
Modelling and assessment ofwaterquality indicators in a semi-enclosed shallow bay 2001
Numerical Modelling of Suspended Sediment Fluxes in Open Channel Flows 1999
Verification of a Numerical Model Using Field Monitoring Data for Modelling Bohai Bay 1999
Numerical modelling of three-dimensional suspended sediment for estuarine and coastal waters 1996
Numerical Modelling of Suspended Sediment Fluxes Using an Accurate Bounded Difference Scheme 1995
Flow and water quality modelling in coastal and inland water 1992

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
Honorary Membership Award 2017
Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 1991

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