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Combined Seepage Beneath Gravity Hydraulic Structures Based on Dropped Bed 2020
Detection Method for Vulnerable Points of Riverbank Erosion Against Large Floods 2020
Experimental Study on the Energy Dissipation Mechanism of the Two-Stage Stilling Basin in Low Froude Number Flow 2020
Measurement and Calculation of Bore Propagation in Meandering River 2020
Study on Numerical Simulation of Flow Structures in a Curved Open Channel 2020
Flood Analysis in the Nuta River Basin During the Western Japan Heavy Rain in July 2018 2019
The Characteristics of Dam Break Flows in a Meandering Channel 2019
A Depth Integrated Model for Calculating Non-Equilibrium Velocity Distribution of Flow Through a Submerged Vegetation Zone 2018
Drag Forces Acting on Emergent Circular Cylinders for Non-Uniform Flows 2018
Numerical Simulation of Inundation Due to Probable Maximum Precipitation in Hiroshima City 2017
Analysis of Heavy Rain in Hiroshima Based on X-Band Multi-Parameter Radars 2016
Numerical Simulation of Localized Torrential Rainfall in Hiroshima 2016
Effect of Vegetation Configuration on Turbulent Flows in a Rectangular Open Channel 2013
Experimental Study of Turbulent Flows in an Open Channel with Different Vegetation Patches 2013
Numerical Prediction of Heavy Rainfall Using Weather and Research Forecasting Model 2013
On the Spatial Distribution of Aquatic Plant in Gravel River 2013
An Experimental Study on Railway Embankment Breach and Its Critical Flow Condition 2012
Modeling of Inundation Flow in Urbanized Area Using a High-Resolution Method with Cartesian Mesh 2007
Secondary Flow Structures in a Doubly Meandering Compound Channel Under Unsteady Flow Condition 2007
Numerical Modeling of Local Scour Around Spur Dikes 1999

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