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Numerical Modelling of a Laboratory Scale Turbidity Current 2023
Parametrization of Turbulence over Antidunes 2022
Design of Floating Fish Guidance Systems Using CFD Modelling 2019
Numerical Modelling of Bank Failures During Reservoir Draw-Down 2018
Measuring Suspended Sediment Concentrations in a Reservoir Based on Laser Diffraction 2013
Sensitivity Analysis of Flow Field Simulation in the Iffezheim Reservoir in Germany with the 3D SSIIM Model 2013
3D Numerical Modelling of the Capacity for a Partially Pressurized Spillway 2012
3D Numerical Modelling of the Reservoir Flushing of the Bodendorf Reservoir, Austria 2012
3D Numerical Simulation of Supercritical Channel Junction Flow 2012
Numerical Studies of Sediment Deposition in a Hydropower Reservoir 2012
Computation of Bed Deformation in an S-Shaped Channel Using 3D Numerical Simulation 2010
Hydraulic Characteristics of the Open Annular Flume – Experiment and Numerical Simulation 2010
Numerical Investigations of Local Scour Around a Trapezoidal Abutment Using the Finite Volume Method 2010
Result Assessment Methods for 3D CFD Models in Sediment Transport Computations 2010
Numerical Modeling of Water and Sediment Flow in a Delta with Natural Vegetation 2009
Modeling of Sediment Deposition in a Partly Vegetated Open Channel 2007
Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Contraction Scour 2007
3D CFD Modelling of Sediment Erosion in Habitat Improvement Gravel 2005
Advances in 3D Modeling of Free-Forming Meander Formation from Initially Straight Alluvial Channels 2005
Three Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport in a Sharply Curved Meandering Channel 2005
Sedimentation in the Angostura Reservoir: Studies and Experiences 2004
Shock-Wave Computations in Channel Contractions 2001
3D Numerical Modelling of Water Currents in an Icecovered Lake 1999
Modelling the Horizontal Distribution of Algae in a Water Supply Reservoir 1999
3D Numerical Modelling of Sediment Deposition and Bed Changes in a Tunnel-Type Sand Trap 1997

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