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JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Member 2017-08-22 2023-03-18
IAHR Council Member 2015-08-01 2019-09-30
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Member 2013-09-08 2017-08-22
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2013-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Hydrodynamics of Sediment Suspension 2022
Instability of Weakly-Curved Meandering Channels 2022
Statistical characterization of unworked and water-worked gravel-bed roughness structures 2021
Computation of Bed Shear Stress from Velocity Measurements in a Gradually Varying Roughness Bed 2019
Depth-averaged modelling of granular dike overtopping 2018
Phenomenological Description of Scaling Laws of Sediment Transport 2018
Phenomenology of Meandering of a Straight River 2018
River dynamics and integrated river management 2018
Turbulent Kinetic Energy Flux and Budget in a Water-Worked Gravel Bed 2018
Sediment Inception by Stream Flow: A Novel Mathematical Model 2017
Entry flow in curved pipes: turbulent boundary layer approach 2016
Transport of biofilm-coated sediment particles 2016
Depth-averaged model for undular hydraulic jump 2015
Turbulent length scales and anisotropy downstream of a wall mounted sphere 2015
Wall-Wake Flows Downstream of a Spherical Particle Placed on a Gravel Bed 2013
Double-averaging turbulence characteristics in flows over a gravel bed 2010
Flow-altering countermeasures against scour at bridge piers: a review 2010
Non-universality of von Kármán's κ in fluvial streams 2010
Universal probability distributions of turbulence in open channel flows 2010
One-dimensional channel flow equations with curvature revisited 2009
Kinematics of horseshoe vortex development in an evolving scour hole at a square cylinder 2008
Effect of seepage on scour due to submerged jets and resulting flow field 2007
Discharge prediction in compound channels by end depth method 2006
Free overfall from circular channels with flat base 2005

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