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JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now

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Flow Resistance and Velocity Reduction Due to a Pile Group in an Open Channel 2022
Flow Details Around Pile-Group Groynes 2020
Effects of Pile Density and Arrangement on Flow Characteristics Around a Pile-Group Dike 2019
Flow Characteristics Around a Pile-Group Dike 2018
Three Dimensional Flow Structures Around a Deep Scour Hole 2018
Turbulent Structure in Open Channel Flow with Skewed Strip Roughness 2018
Generation Mechanism of Deep Scour Around a Narrowed Section in Rivers 2017
Effects of Upstream Spur Dike on Sand Deposition in a Riverside Concavity 2016
Effects of Spur Dikes on Flow Structures in a Riverside Concavity Zone 2014
Effects of Upstream Pile-Group on Mitigation of Local Scour Around Spur Dike 2014
Velocity Measurements in Compound Open Channel with Pile Permeable Groynes 2014
Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics Around Single Groyne with Different Permeability in Compound Channel Floodplain 2013
Flow Structures and Local Scour Around Submerged Box Groyne with an Upstream Longitudinal Block 2013
Protective Pile Group for Scour Mitigation of Existing Spur Dike Group 2013
Effects of Footing and Its Geometry on Flow and Local Scouring Around Spur Dikes 2012
Experimental Flow Structures Around Box Groyne with a Longitudinal Block 2012
Restraining Effects of Deposition in an Artificial Embayment by Piling Along Its Entrance 2012
Sediment Transport Around an Artificial Embayment in a Straight Fluvial River 2009
Flow Structures and Sediment Deposition in Concavity Zones of Compound Open Channels 2005
Flow Structures and Momentum Transport Processes in Curved Open Channels with Vegetation 1999
An Extended Depth-Averaged Turbulence Model for Flow Constricted by Cofferdams 1997
Three-dimensional turbulent structure in straight open channel flows 1989

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