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Committee on Flood Risk Management Past Chair 2017-10-30 2019-11-03
Committee on Flood Risk Management Chair 2015-07-15 2017-10-30

My Papers and Presentations

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A Physically-Based Coupled Hydrologic Model for Clear Creek Watershed 2019
Analysis of the Middle Cedar Watershed Hydrologic Responses Using Physically-Based Hydrologic Modeling and a Storm Transposition Framework 2019
Spillway jet regime and total dissolved gas prediction with a multiphase flow model 2019
The Iowa Watersheds Project: Iowa's prototype for engaging communities and professionals in watershed hazard mitigation 2018
The Iowa Watershed Approach 2017
Iowa Watershed Project: Coupled Surface-Subsurface Hydrologic Modeling to Assess Distributed Flood Mitigation Practices 2015
HUD Watershed Demonstration Project – a Distributed Approach to Flood Mitigation 2013
Performance of Distributed Reservoir Storage in Mitigating Flood Impacts for a Small Rural Watershed 2013
Prediction of the Temperature Dynamics in a Deep Water Reservoir 2013
Developement of a Highly-Resolved Three-Dimensional Nutrient Transport Model 2009
A LES Investigation of the Structure of Intrusive Boussinesq Gravity Currents 2007
A multidimensional two-phase flow model for the total dissolved gas downstream of spillways 2007
Effect of Relative Submergence on the Flow and Mass Exchange Processes in a Channel with Two Lateral Groynes 2007
Image Velocimetry for Discharge Measurements in Streams 2007
Software for Assessment of Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficients Using Acoustic-Doppler Current Profiler Measurements 2007
Uncertainty Analysis for LSPIV in-Situ Velocity Measurements 2007
2-D Large Eddy Simulation of Lock-Exchange Gravity Current Flows 2005
A Fully 3D Non-Hydrostatic Model for Prediction of Flow, Sediment Transport and Bed Morphology in Open Channels 2005
Development of New aDcp Post-Processing and Visulization Capabilities 2005
LES Simulation of Contaminant Removal from the Embayment Area Between Two Vertical Groynes in a Channel 2005
Modelling Freshwater Mussel Dynamics 2005
Real-Time Stream Monitoring Using Mobile Largescale Particle Image Velocimetry 2005
Use of a 3D RANS Model to Predict Stratification Effects Related to Fish Passage at Hydropower Dams 2005
An Individual Based Model for Freshwater Mussels of the Mississippi River 2003
Coupled physical-numerical analysis of flows in natural waterways 2001
Numerical Modeling of Dissolved Gas Supersaturation Downstream of Spillway 2001
Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Simulation of Wetting-Drying Process 2001
Capabilities and Limits for ADV Measurements in Bubbly Flows 1999
A Unique Approach for Physical Model Studies of Nitrogen Gas Supersaturation 1997
Linking Kinematic and Physical Hydraulic Models 1997
Validation of a Three-Dimensional Numerical Model Using Field Measurements in a Large Scale River Reach 1997
Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy in the Fracture and Fatigue of Granular Polycrystalllne Ice 1992

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