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JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2020-12-28 Now
RIBAGUA Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 Now

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3D Numerical Modeling to Support the Design of Contractions in Supercritical Flow Channels 2020
Copper Concentrate and Gravel Beds 2019
Front of unimpeded infiltrated sand moving as sediment transport through immobile coarse gravel 2018
Analysis of the Flow Structure in a Side Open Channel Cavity of Aspect Ratio 1 2013
Large-Scale Mass Transport in the Austral Fjords and Channels of Chile 2013
Evolution of Internal Waves in a Rotating, Stratified Lake Forced by Wind. Field Observations and Numerical Simulations in Lake Villarrica, Chile 2009
The Effect of a Maintained Surface Stress on the Velocity and Density Fields Within a Contained, Rotating, Two-Layer Stratified Fluid 2009
Comparison of Numerical Diffusion of Mass Transport in Shock Capturing Methods for a Density Coupled Shallow Water Model 2007
Kinematics and Pore Pressure Dynamics in Aerated Granular Flows 2007
Vortex trajectory hysteresis above self-formed vortex ripples 2006
Numerical and Field Study of Oxygen Exchange at the Sediment/Water Interface of Shallow Flow in Salt Lake of Northern Chile 2005
Simulation of Phytoplankton Response to Strong Wind Events in Lake Villarrica, Chile 2005
Mixing and interface dynamics in a two-layer stratified fluid due to surface shear stress 2003
Mixing and Turbulence Structure in a Stratified Fluid Due to Surface Shear Stress 2001
Grain Sorting Effects on Ripples 1999
Wind Induced Sediment Resuspension 1999
Barchan-Ripples: Emergence, Evolution and Flow-Sediment Interactions 1997
Discrete Computer Simulations of Ripple Emergence and Evolution 1997
Dynamics of sediment bars in straight and meandering channels: experiments on the resonance phenomenon 1993

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Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 2009

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