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IAHR Council Member 2011-01-20 2013-09-30

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Title Year
Integral Modelling of Surface Water-Porewater Interactions Induced by Single Cobbles 2023
Automatic Calibration of a Shallow Water Model for Rainfall-Runoff Simulations Using Fast Global Optimization 2022
Performance Improvement Strategies for an FVM-Based Shallow Water Flow Model on 2D Structured Grids 2022
Scenarios Definition for Extreme Rainfall Events Based on a Combination of Field and Satellite Rainfall Data 2022
Suitability of Green-Ampt Parameters for Rainfall-Runoff Simulations of Plot-Scale Field Experiments 2022
The Shallow Water Model Intercomparison Session: Hydroinformatics Modeling System (hms/hms++) 2022
Can Machine Learning Improve the Accuracy of Water Level Forecasts for Inland Navigation? Case Study: Rhine River Basin, Germany 2019
Quantifying Hyporheic Exchange Fluxes Through Ripples with an Integral Flow Model 2019
Simulation of Water Exchange Times for Contaminant Risk Assessment in an Urban Lake Using a Depth-Averaged 2D Model 2019
A Grid Convergence Study for the Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model on Unstructured Triangular Meshes 2018
A Novel Slope Failure Operator for a Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Model 2018
A Proposed Implicit Friction Source Term Treatment for Simulating Overland Flow 2018
Flash Flood Simulations Based on Shallow Water Equations to Investigate Protection Measures for El Gouna, Egypt 2018
Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model at District scale–Case Study in Nice 2018
Numerical Study of Building Drag Dissipation Formulations in the Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model 2018
Modeling and Measuring of Interfaces in Sewer Systems 2017
Surface Water - Groundwater Interactions 2017
High Resolution 3D Model of Desalination Brine Spreading: Test Cases and Field Case El-Gouna, Egypt 2015
Surface Roughness Parameterization to Account for Subgrid Scale Topography in Shallow Water Flow Modeling 2015
An improved hydrostatic reconstruction method for shallow water model 2014
Sensitivity Analysis of Flow Field Simulation in the Iffezheim Reservoir in Germany with the 3D SSIIM Model 2013
Shallow Water Flow Simulation Using Multislope MUSCL Method 2013
A Lattice Boltzmann Method Approach to the Advection-Diffusion of a Contaminant in an Aquifer 2012
A New Approach for Flood Simulation in Combined Rural and Urban Areas 2012
Hydro-Numerical Modeling Study for “Wasserstadt Koepenick” 2012
Multi-Dimensional Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics and Transport in the Unterhavel River 2012
Two-Dimensional Flow and Transport Simulation of the Nile Estuary Investigating Impacts of Sea Level Rise 2012
Transport Simulation in Shallow Water Flows Using Adaptive Methods 2010
An Interactive E-Learning System Supporting Linked Knowledge in CIVIL Engineering Education 2009
Simulation of Combined Sewer Overflows Spreading in a Slowly Flowing Urban River 2009
Numerical Modelling of Density-Driven Flow and Transport Processes in a Coastal Aquifer – Submarine Groundwater Discharge from Seeps 2007
Analysis of Water-Gas Flow Processes in Dike Systems with Fault Zones 2005

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