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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Hydroinformatics Co-opted 2024-06-01 Now
IAHR Council Member 2017-09-01 2021-07-31
JRBM Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 2021-03-28
IAHR Innovation and Professional Development Secretary 2016-06-22 Now
Committee on Education and Professional Development Past Chair 2013-09-10 2015-09-10
Committee on Education and Professional Development Chair 2012-01-01 2013-09-10

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Future Hydrological Dynamics Under Climate Change in the Aa of Weerijs Catchment 2024
Integrating Data-Driven and Hydraulic Modelling with Acoustic Sensor Information for Improved Leak Location in Water Distribution Networks 2024
Use of IHA’s Sustainable Development Criteria to Evaluate Existing Permanent Reservoirs: Application to Romanian Case Studies 2024
Characterization of Gatun Lake's Hydrodynamic Behaviour and Water Quality 2023
Citizen's observatories: contributions to the improvement of flood modelling for management 2022
Projected Groundwater Recharge in a Tropical Catchment Under Different Climate Change and Land Use Management Scenarios 2022
Women in the IAHR leadership share their thoughts 2020
Importance of Crowdsourcing to Augment Traditional Datasets in Hydrodynamic Models 2019
Reassessing Romanian Dam Safety Policies Within Predicted Climate Changed Conditions 2019
Optimal Operation of Flood Storage Areas in Huai River Using Coupled HEC-RAS River Model and NSGAII Global Optimization Algorithm 2018
Anthropogenic and tidal influences on salinity levels of the Shatt al-Arab River, Basra, Iraq 2016
Use of Unstructured Grids for Flood Modeling of the Yellow River Downstream River Reach 2013
Assessment of Maximum and Residual Hydropower Potential Under Global Changes: La Plata Basin 2012
Integrating GIS and Mathematical Modeling for a 1D-2D Hydrodynamic Model of Lake Edko 2007
Integrating Remote Sensing, GIS and Mathematical Modelling for Surface Water Quality Management in an Irrigated Watershed 2005

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