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Working Group on Reservoir Sedimentation Member 2019-08-27 Now
Japan Chapter Inspector 2012-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Impact of Climate Change on Seasonal Operation of Hydropower Dam Reservoir in Heavy Snowfall Area in Japan Using 150-Year Continuous Climate Experiment 2023
Impacts of Hydrodynamics and Morphological Evolutions on River Sediment Budget 2023
Impacts of Seigyu Structure on Riverbeds and Its Geometrical Changes 2023
Methodology to Simulate Flow Around Kasumi-Dike -a Nature Based Solution 2023
Response of Hydrological to Anthropogenic Activities in a Tropical Basin 2023
Estimating Sediment Yield and Morphological Changes in Dry Reservoirs: Case Study Wadi Asserin, Oman 2022
Sedimentation and drains' clogging in recharge-flood protection dams in arid areas: lessons learned from Oman 2022
Hydro-Geomorphological Formation Processes of Spawning Habitats for Ayu Fish Required Under Turbid Conditions by Dam Impacts in the Tenryu River 2020
Riverbed Incision in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta Due to Altered Flow Regime and Sediment Load 2020
The Influences of Tidal Regime and Morphology Change on Salinity Intrusion in Hau River 2019
Application of the Wavelet Transform to Sediment Grain Sizes Analysis with an Impact Plate for Bedload Monitoring in Sediment Bypass Tunnels 2018
Changes in the Sediment Budget and Morphodynamics of Vietnamese Mekong Delta 2018
Estimating Large Woody Debris Volume and Distribution Floated and Accumulated in Reservoir Using Aerial Photographs 2018
Evaluation of RRI Model for Flash Flood Simulation in the Arid Wadi Systems 2018
Hyporheic Exchange of a Grabel BAR Formed After a Dam Removal in the Kuma River, Kyushu, Japan 2018
Instream Geomorphological Features as Massive Natural Filters in Rivers: Ecolgical Consequences and Restration Efforts in Regulated Rivers Below Dams 2018
Long-Term Extreme Flash Floods Analysis Based on Hydrochronological Approach for Wadi Systems in Arid Regions 2018
Longitudinal Changes in Water Quality and Trophic Source Composition of Pom and Theirs Distribution Patterns Within a Gravel BAR in the Trinity River, California 2018
Measurement and Control of High Suspended Sediment Concentration During the Kurobe River Sediment Flushing with Submersible Type SMDP 2018
Numerical Study on Reservoir Sediment Management Through Adding Excavated Sediment Downstream of Dams in Japan 2018
Operation Improvement of the River Mouth Barrage for River Continuity 2018
Restoring Spawning Redds for Ayufish by Facilitating Work on up-Welling Zone in the Tenryu River 2018
Sediment Microbial Community Composition and Diversity of Restored Gravel Bars in the Trinity River, California 2018
Study on Applicability of Horizontal Two-Dimensional River Bed Variation Analysis to Dynamic Model of Vegetation Colonization in Sediment Bars of a Regulated River 2018
Advances and approaches in river sediment research 2017
Effects of sediment bypass tunnels on grain size distribution and benthic habitats in regulated rivers 2017
Applicability of Artificial Swarm Intelligence to Gravity Dam Design and Groundwater Model Identification 2016
Effects of Sediment Supply by Bypass Tunnels on Bed Topography, Grain Size, and Invertebrate Habitat 2016
Estimation of Habitat Potential for Ayu Fish by Riverbed Geomorphology 2016
Evaluating Different Flash Flood Mitigation Scenarios at Wadi Abadi, Eastern Desert, Egypt 2016
Irrigation Ponds in the Past, in the Present and for the Future: A Case of Higashi-Harima Region, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 2016
Irrigation Ponds in the Past, in the Present and for the Future: A Case of Higashi-Harima Region, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 2016
Predicting the Number of Ayu-Fish Migrating Upstream Each Year by a Distributed Hydrological Model in the Yodo River Basin 2016
Sustainable Development of Irrigation System with Sayama-Ike Reservoir 2016
Sustainable Development of Irrigation System with Sayama-Ike Reservoir 2016
The Birth, Growth, Decline and Rebirth of Gaecheon Stream in the Capital of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910) 2016
Estimation of the Local Scour Depth Around Real Scaled Bridge Piers Using Neural Networks and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System 2013
Flow Field Characteristics of in-Ground Stilling Basin Downstream of Flood Mitigation Dams 2013
Sustainable Countermeasures Using Frequency Analysis and Desiltation Strategy in a Reservoir 2012
The Effect of in-Ground Stilling Basin Geometry Combined by Slit-Type End-Sill on Flow Pattern and Energy Dissipation Below the Flood Mitigation Dams 2012
The Historical Changes of Aquatic Habitat Structure in the Kizu River 2012
Comprehensive Sediment Management Strategies in Japan: Sediment Bypass Tunnels 2011
Real Time Suspended Sediment Concentration Forecast by Rainfall Information: Case Study on Managawa River Basin, Japan 2009
Physical Properties and Erosion Processes of Reservoir Cohesive Bottom Sediments 2007
Sand BAR Landscape and Role of Vegatation and Subsurface Flow on Ecosystem Service 2007
Reservoir Sedimentation Management by Coarse Sediment Replenishment Below Dams 2004
Reservoir Sedimentation Management with Bypass Tunnels in Japan 2004

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