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Japan Chapter Secretary General 2019-01-01 Now

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Numerical Model of Woody Debris Behavior in Rivers and Floodplains 2023
Flood and Substance Transport Analysis with Consideration of Ground Water: Case Study of the Lower Meghna River in Bangladesh 2022
Numerical Simulation of Flood Mitigation Effects of an Assumed Retarding Basin 2020
Numerical Simulation of Runoff Generation and Inundation Process of an Extreme Precipitation Event in Nepal 2020
Anticipated Impacts of Climate Change on Rainfall Erosivity over Nepal 2019
Effects of Dem Accuracy on Sediment Modelling Results 2019
Modeling of Stormwater Drainage and Overflow Process Considering the Volume Capacity of Ditches in Urban Area 2019
Flood Season Spreading of Pollutants to Floodplains of Tongi Khal – Exposure and Health Concerns in Uttarkhan of Dhaka 2018
Linking Flood Hazard and Damage Assessment: Implications for Danger Level and Different Elements of Risks 2018
Sediment Management in Tidal River: A Case Study of East Beel Khuksia, Bangladesh 2018
An Inundation Analysis Considering Water Behaviors of Subway in Urban Area 2016
Assessingthepollutant Spreading Using a Flood Simulation Model in Dhaka City, Bangladesh 2016
Inundation Damage in Urban Area Affected by Pump Operation 2016
The Examination on Flood Damage of the Shonai River Considering an Underground Space in Urban Area 2016
Integrated Model for River Embankment Failure Due to Overtopping 2013
Experimental Study on Validation of Discharge Coefficient Between the Ground Surface and Sewerage System 2012
Erosion of Unsaturated River Embankment Due to Overtopping 2010
Numerical Simulation of Inundation Flow Considering Effects of Drainage Process of Stormwater in Urban Area 2010
Analysis of Pollutant Runoff Loads from Non-Point Sources Considering the Interaction Between Overland Flows and Accumulated Materials 2005
Inundation Flow Analysis in a Low-Lying Area and Its Application to Estimation of Pump Capacity Effects 2005
Inundation Flow Analysis Considering the Sediment Effect 2001

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