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IAHR Scandinavia Young Professionals Network YPN Advisor 2021-01-19 Now
JAWER Editorial Board Associate Editors 2020-10-10 Now
Working Group on Reservoir Sedimentation Member 2019-08-27 Now
Sustainable Development Goals Working Group Member 2019-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Acoustic sampling effects on bedload quantification using acoustic Doppler current profilers 2020
Laboratory Monitoring of Bedload Transport Rates Using Hydro-Acoustic Techniques (ADCP) 2019
Development of a Method for Suspended Sediment Transport Monitoring by Means of ADCP Measurements 2018
Evaluation of an Acoustic Doppler Technique for Bed-Load Transport Measurements in Sand-Bed Rivers 2018
Hydraulic Physical Model Production with Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Manufacturing Techniques 2018
Towards an Establishment of a Rating Curve for Suspended Sediment Transport by Means of ADCP Measurements 2018
Various Sediment Measurement Methods and Techniques as Basis for Habitat Quality Evaluation in the River Section of Hpp Schiffm"Uhle 2018
Combining Backscatter and Attenuation Measurements for Suspended Sediment Concentration Assessment 2017
3D Numerical Modelling of Near Bed Flow over an Artificial Gravel Bed 2015
PIV Measurements of Steady Flow over an Artificial Static Armor Layer 2013
Verifying a Photogrammetric Method to Quantify Grain Size Distribution of Developed Armor Layers 2013
Artificial Reproduction of the Surface Structure in a Gravel Bed 2012
Mean and Turbulent Flow Structures in Two Consecutive Meander Bends 2012
Modeling Bed Shear Stress on an Armored River Bed Due to Hydropower Peaking 2012
Three-Dimensional Numerical Morphological Modeling of Non-Uniform Sediment Transport and Bed Armoring Process 2012
Advances in 3D Modeling of Free-Forming Meander Formation from Initially Straight Alluvial Channels 2005
Three Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport in a Sharply Curved Meandering Channel 2005

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