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JAWER Editorial Board Editorial Board member 2017-01-01 Now

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Effect of Discharge Variations and Sediment Supply on the Stability of Artificial Step-Pool Sequences 2022
Field Test on Large Wood Accumulation at a Bridge Pier 2022
Managing Wood and Bedload Transport in Rivers with Inclined Rack Structures 2022
Natural and Artificial Refugia in Dynamic River Widenings 2022
Quantification of Large Wood (LW) Impact Forces at Field-Scale Using Smartwood 2022
Airborne Feature Matching Velocimetry for surface flow measurements in rivers 2021
Laboratory study on wood accumulation probability at bridge piers 2020
Influence of Block Arrangement on Stability of Man-Made Step-Pool Sequences in Steep Mountain Streams 2019
Feature Tracking Velocimetry Applied to Airborne Measurement Data from Murg Creek 2018
Hazards Due to Large Wood Accumulations: Local Scour and Backwater Rise 2018
Morphological Development of River Widenings with Variable Sediment Supply 2018
Through-water terrestrial laser scanning in hydraulic scale models: proof of concept 2018
Closure to “Experimental study on the flow characteristics of unstructured block ramps” by SIMONA TAMAGNI, VOLKER WEITBRECHT and ROBERT M. BOES, J. Hydraulic Res. 52(5), 2014, 600–613 2016
A low-cost airborne velocimetry system: proof of concept 2015
Backwater Rise Due to Driftwood Accumulations 2015
Physical Experiments to Determine the Stability of Step-Pool Systems in Mountain Torrents 2015
The Role of Bank Erosion in Restoration Works in Gravel-Bed Rivers 2015
Experimental study on the flow characteristics of unstructured block ramps 2014
Bypass Driftwood Retention River Sihl 2013
CFD Modeling of Turbulent Jet Mixing in a Water Storage Tank 2007
Numerical Simulations to Predict the Hydrodynamics and the Related Mixing Processes in Water Storage Tanks 2007
Shallow Flow Visualization and Coherent Structures Around a Single Groyne 2007
Experiments on Stratified Exchange Flows Past a Submerged Sill 2005

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