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NewsFlash Europe Editorial Board Editor 2020-11-01 Now
Europe Division Member 2014-04-01 2022-02-07
United Kingdom Past Chair 2014-01-10 2017-08-01
United Kingdom Chair 2012-01-01 2014-01-10

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Analysis of Diffusive-Dispersive Processes in Spatially-Varying Flows in a Water Distribution Network 2023
A Small Investigation of the Effects of Cylinder Diameter on Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient 2022
Disaggregation Phenomena in Mixing Processes During Laminarturbulent Acceleration in Pipe Flows 2022
Mass and Momentum Transfer Between Interacting Cylinder Wakes via Velocity Statistics 2022
Predicting Mixing in Benched Surcharged Manholes 2022
Quantifying the Spatial Variation in on-/Off-Shore Mixing in the Surf Zone 2022
Spatio-Temporal Characterisation of Hydrodynamics and Mixing Processes in Obstructed Flows Using Optical Techniques 2022
Modelling transverse solute mixing across a vegetation generated shear layer 2021
Effects of Seasonal Variation of Vegetation on Hydraulic Residence Time Distributions in a Stormwater Pond 2019
Estimating drag coefficient for arrays of rigid cylinders representing emergent vegetation 2019
Use of Drag Coefficient to Predict Dispersion Coefficients in Emergent Vegetation at Low Velocities 2018
Estimating Stem-Scale Mixing Coefficients in Low Velocity Flows 2016
The Effects of Vegetation on the Hydraulic Residence Time of Stormwater Ponds 2014
Analysis of Solute Entrapment and Dispersion in a Meandering Channel, Bye Dye Trace and Image Acquisition Techniques 2013
Solute Transport Across Unbenched Manholes Under Partially-Full Pipe Conditions 2012
Vertical Variation in Diffusion Coefficient Within Fixed Bed River Sediments 2012
Evaluation of a Highway Runoff TSS Model Against New UK Data 2010
Predicting the Deposition of Highway-Derived Sediments in a Receiving River Reach 2010
Large Scale Tracer Study of Mixing in a Natural Lowland River 2007
Three Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport in a Sharply Curved Meandering Channel 2005
Longitudinal Dispersion in a Natural Formed Meandering Channel 1999

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