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Asia and Pacific Division Chair 2023-01-01 Now
IAHR Council Division Chair 2023-01-01 Now
Japan Chapter Vice Chair 2019-01-01 Now
Asia and Pacific Division Member 2015-01-01 2022-12-31
Japan Director 2012-01-01 2018-12-31

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Changes in the Flow Structure and Energy Loss of a Tsunami Current Through Forest with a Gap 2020
Energy Reduction in Tsunami Through a Defense System Comprising an Embankment and Vegetation on a Mound 2020
Historical River Course Changes and Paddy Fields Developments in the Arakawa River Basin, Japan and the Role of Second Embankments in the Recent 2019 Flooding Event 2020
Improved Numerical Simulation Against Overflow from Embankment Under Steady and Unsteady Flow Conditions by Considering Non-Hydrostatic Pressure 2020
Inland Forest Model Design Considering Tsunami Borne Large Driftwood 2020
Effects of Existing Historical Second Embankments in the Floodplain for River Flood Inundation Control 2019
International contributions in advancing ecohydraulics 2019
Tsunami Mitigation Effect and Tree Breaking Situation of Dahurian Larch Coastal Forest at Six Growth Stages Under Thinning Management of Trees 2019
Change in Flow Structures Inside an Armor Layer by the Layer Thickness and the Existence of Periphyton Mat 2018
Development of a Numerical Simulation Model in an Armored Channel with Gravel Downstream of a Dam 2018
Effect of a Hybrid Defense System Consist of a Step and Coastal Forest on the Reduction of Tsunami Force 2018
Effective Compound Defense System Comprise of Embankment, Moat and Coastal Forest for Tsunami Energy Reduction and the Delay in Arrival Time 2018
Experimental Study on the Effective Tsunami Energy Reduction Utilizing a Front Space of Existing Coastal Forest 2018
Experimental Study on the Energy Reduction of a Solitary Wave Using a Sand Dune-Coastal Lagoon System 2018
Physical Modelling of Tsunami Energy Reduction Through Vertically Two Layered Rigid Vegetation 2018
Study of a Hydraulic Jump Formed on Ustream Vegetation in a Steady Super-Critical Flow 2018
Study on Applicability of Horizontal Two-Dimensional River Bed Variation Analysis to Dynamic Model of Vegetation Colonization in Sediment Bars of a Regulated River 2018
The Role of Mangroves Against Tsunami in Coastline of Sri Lanka 2018
Understanding Trapping of Debris by Coastal Bioshield: A First Step into Modelling Debris Movement and Trapping 2018
Estimation of Tsunami Force Reduction and the Breaking Mode of Coastal Trees Applicable to Coastal Forest Management as a Bioshield 2017
Modeling the Sediment Dynamics of Supplied Sand and Gravel in Armored River Downstream of a Dam 2017
Effect of Transverse Slope on Sedimentation and Turbulent Flow Structure in Vegetated Floodplain of Compound Water Channels 2016
Multiple Defense for Tsunami Inundation by Two Embankment System and Prevention of Oscilaltion by Trees on Embankment 2016
Optimization of Inland Forest for Trapping Tsunami Driftwood 2016
Boundary Layer Development in Roughness Layer at Modeled Armored Gravel Bed Stream and the Sand Movement in the Region 2015
R Einforcing Riverbank Stability by Vegetation Under Boat-Generated Wave Attacks 2014
Turbulent Structures in Form-Induced Sublayer and Subsurface Layer of Modeled Armoured Gravel-Bed Stream, and Sand Movement 2014
Comparison Between Drag Force on a House Behind Coastal Forest and Impulsive Force by Tsunami-Driven Woody Debris from the Forest at the Great East Japan Earthquake 2013
Quantitative Analysis on the Damage of River Embankment and Hinterland Along the Abukumagawa River at the Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami 2013
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Under-Scouring Depth and Horizontal Spacing Between Two Bed Protection Blocks on the Stability of Frontal Block 2011
Boulder Transport by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Numerical Assessment of Field Observations at Lhok Nga Bay, Sumatra, Indonesia 2011
Definition of Middle Class Flood Disturbance for Increasing Biodiversity at Gravel Bar 2011
Experimental Investigation for the Effects of Tree Arrangement in a Forest on Mitigating Tsunami 2011
Indicators for Classifying the Possibility of Forestation on a Gravel BAR in a River 2010
Indices for Evaluating the Breaking and Wash-Out Condition of Trees on Gravel Bar at Flood Events 2009
Limitations of Coastal Vegetation in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and 2006 Java Tsunami 2007
Evaluation of Expansion Threshold for Typha Angustifolia in River 2005
Flow Structures and Sand Deposition Behind a Colony-Type Grass on a Gravel BAR 2005
Study of Colony-Type Grass for Wind-Blown Sand Control: Width and Spacing Considerations 2005
Multiblock-Parallel Computation of Turbulent Flows and Their Effects on Cohesive Sediment in Intake Channel 1999

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IAHR-APD Best Paper Award 2018

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