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Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Co-opted 2020-09-25 2023-03-18
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Co-opted 2015-08-06 2017-08-06
IAHR Hydraulics Secretary 2012-01-01 2016-01-20
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Past Chair 2012-01-01 2013-10-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Bridge Pier Scour Due to Dynamic Debris Jams 2023
Deep-Learning Optical Flow Compared to Conventional Large-Scale Image Velocimetry Techniques 2023
Practical Considerations of Conducting River Hydrokinetic Energy Resource Assessments 2023
Investigation into the Influence of Flow Variation on Estimated Available Riverine Hydrokinetic Energy by Modelling a Reach of the Rouge River, Quebec, Canada 2022
Pier Debris Jam Dynamics and Associated Scour 2022
A Novel Collar Design to Mitigate Bridge Pier Scour 2019
Hydrodynamics of a Gravel-Bed River Following a Large Flood Event 2019
Laboratory Monitoring of Bedload Transport Rates Using Hydro-Acoustic Techniques (ADCP) 2019
Morphodynamic Modelling to Evaluate Flood Hazard Mitigation Strategies 2019
The City of Calgary’s River Morphology Risk Mitigation Program 2019
Comparison of Large Woody Debris Prototypes in a Large Scale Non-Flume Physical Model 2018
Evaluation of an Acoustic Doppler Technique for Bed-Load Transport Measurements in Sand-Bed Rivers 2018
3D Versus 2D Calibration of a 3D Hydrodynamic Model 2017
River Ice Dynamics Determined from Time Series Photo Analysis 2016
Estimation of total suspended solids concentration from aDcp backscatter and hydraulic measurements 2015
In situ spatially distributed field measurements of transverse dispersion of a wastewater effluent in an extended natural meandering river 2015
Influence of Channel Erosion on Fish Habitat Utilization 2015
Estimation of Composite Roughness Values During River Ice-Cover Breakup 2014
3D-ADVP Measurements of Bedload Transport 2013
Use of a Three-Dimensional Numerical Model to Improve Estimation of Channel Constriction Energy Loss 2013
Verification of a River Ice Process Model Using Continuous Field Measurements 2013
Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of Consolidated Clay-Bed Rivers 2009
Lateral Distribution of Turbulence and Secondary Currents in Non-Uniform Open Channel Flow 2009
Simulation of Flow Structures in a Hydraulically Narrow Alluvial Channel Bend Using a 3D RANS Model 2009

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