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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Member 2020-09-25 Now
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Member 2019-09-01 2020-09-25
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Co-opted 2017-08-29 2021-07-01
JOE Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 Now
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Past Chair 2013-09-08 2017-08-29
Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics Co-opted 2013-09-08 2017-08-22
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2012-01-01 Now
Committee on Fluid Mechanics Chair 2012-01-01 2013-09-08

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
A multi-parameter design formula for riprap size selection at wing-wall abutments 2021
Two-phase flow DES and URANS simulations of pump-intake bay vortices 2020
Application of a 3-D CFD Model to Investigate Flood-Related Engineering Problems 2018
Open Channel Flow Past a Rectangular Patch of Submerged Vegetation 2018
Development and Validation of a 3D Numerical Model to Simulate Floods in Natural Streams 2015
Far Field Structure of Turbulent Shallow Mixing Layers Between Parallel Streams 2015
Flow and Turbulence Structure Past a Dense Circular Patch of Vegetation 2015
Gravity Currents Interacting with a Bottom Barrier 2015
The Influence of Porosity on the Structure and Behavior of Gravity Currents Propagating into an Aquatic Canopy 2014
A Numerical Investigation of Flow Past Two-Dimensional Dunes in a Long Channel 2013
A Numerical Study of Shallow Mixing Development over Flat Surface and Dunes 2013
Flow and Turbulence Structure Around an In-Stream Rectangular Cylinder with Scour Hole 2013
Flow Past a Circular Patch of Emerged Vegetation 2013
LES of Lock-Exchange Gravity Currents Propagating into a Fully-Vegetated Channel 2013
A LES Investigation of the Structure of Intrusive Boussinesq Gravity Currents 2007
Analysis of Coherent Structures Generated by Plant Stems Using LES 2007
Coherent Structures in the Flow Around a Bridge Abutment and a Bridge Pier at Equilibirium Scour Conditions 2007
Comparison of Large Eddy Simulation, Detached Eddy Simulation and Unsteady RANS Numerical Predictions of Flow Past a Bottom River Cavity 2007
Effect of Relative Submergence on the Flow and Mass Exchange Processes in a Channel with Two Lateral Groynes 2007
2-D Large Eddy Simulation of Lock-Exchange Gravity Current Flows 2005
A Fully 3D Non-Hydrostatic Model for Prediction of Flow, Sediment Transport and Bed Morphology in Open Channels 2005
Coherent Structures in Pump-Intake Flows: A Large Eddy Simulation (LES) Study 2005
Flow and Mass Exchange Processes Between a Channel and a Cavity Filled with Either a Neutrally Buoyant or a Dense Miscible Contaminant 2005
LES Simulation of Contaminant Removal from the Embayment Area Between Two Vertical Groynes in a Channel 2005
The Horseshoe Vortex System Around a Circular Bridge Pier on a Flat Bed 2005
Use of a 3D RANS Model to Predict Stratification Effects Related to Fish Passage at Hydropower Dams 2005

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IAHR Awards

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Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 2013

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