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Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2021-06-21 2023-02-07

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Aquatic Mosses on Cobble in Riffles and Those Resistance to Disturbances Due to High Flow and Sediment Impact 2019
International contributions in advancing ecohydraulics 2019
Multi-Camera Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry 2019
LSPIV App Data Fusion of Velocity and Elevation Data 2018
Measurement of Pressure Fluctuation on Bed Cobbles During Small Floods 2018
Field Measurements of the Absolute Pressure Distribution Acting on Bed Material 2017
Analysis of Heavy Rain in Hiroshima Based on X-Band Multi-Parameter Radars 2016
Numerical Simulation of Localized Torrential Rainfall in Hiroshima 2016
Acoustic Mapping Velocimetry Proof-of-Concept Experiment 2015
Experimental Study of Turbulent Flows in an Open Channel with Different Vegetation Patches 2013
Numerical Prediction of Heavy Rainfall Using Weather and Research Forecasting Model 2013
On the Spatial Distribution of Aquatic Plant in Gravel River 2013
An Experimental Study on Railway Embankment Breach and Its Critical Flow Condition 2012
Assessment of Flood Hazard MAP Using Simulation of Inundation and Human Behaviors 2010
Mean Velocity Distributions in Open Channel Flows with Submerged and Emergent Vegetation 2009
The Effects of Tree Belt Along Levee on Levee-Break Flows 2009
Measurements of Flood Discharge by Using Space Time Image Velocimetry with a High Resolution Video Camera 2007
Sensitivity of Grid Spacing to Prediction and Co- Herent Flow Structure of Inundation on Urban Area 2007
Automated Grid Generation for Flood Prediction Using LIDAR Data 2005
Efficient Image Analysis Method for River Flow Measurement Using Space-Time Images 2005

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