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Committee on Hydraulic Structures Member 2015-10-06 2017-08-22
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Member 2012-01-01 2015-10-06

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Blocking Probability of Individual Logs at Racks in Rivers 2023
Optimal Hydraulic Design of Supercritical Bend Manholes 2023
Effect of Blocked Driftwood on the Hydraulic Performance of a Gated Standard Weir 2022
Bottom Pressure Characteristics in a Stilling Basin Downstream of a Stepped Spillway for Two Chute Slopes 2020
Effect of building overtopping on induced loads during extreme hydrodynamic events 2020
Hydraulics of Swirling Flows Along Vortex Drop Shafts 2020
Experimental and Numerical Study on Wave-Impact on Buildings 2019
Hydraulics of a Physical Model of Supercritical Vortex Drop Shaft 2019
Supercritical flow in junction manholes under invert- and obvert-aligned set-ups 2019
Which Phase-Detection Intrusive Probe to Use in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows? 2019
Influence of Density of Large Stems on the Blocking Probability at Spillways 2018
Spillway Blockage Caused by Large Wood in Reservoirs 2018
Effect of an abrupt slope change on air entrainment and flow depths at stepped spillways 2017
Time-based failure analysis of compressed riverbank riprap 2017
Example of Wave Impact on a Residential House 2016
Shock Wave Patterns in Supercritical Junction Manholes with Inlet Bottom Offsets 2016
Waves Generated by Ship Convoy: Comparison of Physical and Numerical Modeling with in-Situ Measurements 2016
Head Losses in Sewer Junction 2015
Labyrinth Weirs: Developments Until 1985 2015
Scale Effects in Modelling Two-Phase Air-Water Flows 2013
Stepped Spillways: Technical Advance from 1900 2013
Time Dependent Failure Analysis of Compressed Riprap as Riverbank Protection 2013
Air Concentration Characteristics of Drop-and Deflector-Generated Jets 2009
Effect of Control Section on Stepped Spillway Flow 2009
Historical Advance of Chute Aerators 2009
Air Transport Downstream of Chute Aerators 2007
Step Aerator and Spray Reduction for Stepped Chutes 2007

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Willi H. Hager JHR Best Reviewer Award 2018

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