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IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2021-07-07 Now
Sustainable Development Goals Working Group Member 2019-01-01 Now
Climate Change Working Group Chair 2018-09-10 2018-09-11
Committee on Climate Change Adaptation Chair 2018-09-07 Now
IAHR/WMO Hydrometry Training Course Working Group Member 2011-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
The role of interaction between river dynamics and the terrestrial ecosystem on the global carbon cycle 2024
Climate Change Impact, adaptation and mitigation in the water sector: new hints from the IPCC AR6 2022
Climate Change Indicators: The Evolution of the Snow Cover in Lombardy over the Last 15 Years 2022
Editorial 2022
Enhanced Resolution Mapping of Surface Melting over the Greenland Ice Sheet (1979 - 2019) from Spaceborne Passive Microwave Observations 2022
Optimized Management for Flood Control and Irrigation Demand Satisfaction for Lake Como 2022
Simulating the Hydrological Regimes of the Snow Fed and Glacierized Naltar Catchment (Pakistan) Using a Distributed Energy Balance Model 2022
Sustainable Water Resources Managment, Control and Consumption in a Changing Climate: Participatory Research Initiatives in Brescia 2022
Full Issue_Hydrolink_2021_3_Offshore_Renewable_Energy 2021
Notes on the August 2021 IPCC Summary for Policymakers 2021
Climate Change Adaptation in Water Engineering 2020
Salinity Dynamics Under Sea Level Rise Scenarios in the Red – Thai Binh River Delta, Vietnam 2020
Multiscale Climatology of Daily Runoff and Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Since the Mid 19th Century in Two Alpine Rivers 2019
Detection of Rainfall and Runoff Trends of the Adda River in Lecco (1845-2014) at Different Time Scales 2018
Flood Routing Efficiency Assessment: An Approach Using Bivariate Copulas 2018
Effect of Availability of Levee Data in the Estimation of the Probability of Levee Failure in Case of Piping 2015
Estimate of Turbulent Fluxes with Eddy—Covariance Technique in a Complex Topography: A Case Study in the Italian Alps 2014
Long Term Statistics of River Flow Regime: Climatic or Anthropogenic Changes? 2014
Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Flood Variables by Copulas: Two Italian Case Studies 2014
Potential Climate Change Effects on the Meteorological Forcing and the Design Efficiency of Urban Drainage Systems 2014
Influence of Climate and Anthropogenic Feedbacks on the Hydrological Cycle, Water Management and Engineering 2013
Levee Breaches Statistics, “Geotechnical Uncertainty”, Residual Risk in Flood Hazard Mapping 2013
Flow Patterns Within a Sloping Perched Water in a Gradually Layered Soil 2012
Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in the Day River Basin (VIETNAM) and Possible Adaptation Measures 2012
Levee Breaches and “Geotechnical Uncertainty” in Flood Risk Mapping 2012
Some Experience on Flood Event Simulation and Flood Scenario Definition in the Tevere River Basin 2007
On the Use of Coupled Mesoscale Meteorological and Hydrological Models for Flood Forecasting in Midsize Mountain Catchments: Operational Experience and Verification 2002

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