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Europe Division Member 2022-09-07 Now
Committee on Flood Risk Management Co-opted 2022-06-19 Now
JAWER Editorial Board Associate Editors 2020-04-01 Now
Committee on Flood Risk Management Member 2017-10-30 2022-06-19
Committee on Flood Risk Management Member 2015-07-15 2017-10-30
Europe Member 2012-01-01 2018-06-20

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Integrated flood risk management as a tool to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals 2023
The role of hydraulic engineering in support of flood mitigation and resilience 2023
Laboratory Design of Representative Real Shallow Basins for Validation of Numerical Models 2022
Apparent cohesion effects on overtopping-induced fluvial dike breaching 2021
Full Issue of Hydrolink 2021-4 Extreme Flooding Events 2021
Scale Physical Model and Prototype Comparison for a Large Dam Bottom Outlet 2020
Experimental Study of Ogee Crested Weir Operation Above the Design Head and Influence of the Upstream Quadrant Geometry 2018
Flow field in shallow reservoir with varying inlet and outlet position 2018
Improvement of Anisotropic Porosity Models with a Merging Technique 2018
In Situ Measurements and Mitigations of Nappe Oscillations–The Papignies and Nisramont Dams in Belgium 2018
Maximum energy dissipation to explain velocity fields in shallow reservoirs 2018
Numerical Simulation of Lateral Dike Breaching Due to Overtopping 2018
Numerical Study of Building Drag Dissipation Formulations in the Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model 2018
Computing flooding of crossroads with obstacles using a 2D numerical model 2017
An Alternate Approach for Assessing Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources: Combining Hazard Likelihood and Catchment Sensitivity 2016
Characterization of Nappe Vibration on a Weir 2016
Energy conservation properties of Ritter solution for idealized dam break flow 2016
Impacts of Urban Expansion on Future Flood Damage: A Case Study in the River Meuse Basin, Belgium 2016
Influence of Non-Uniform Flow Conditions on Riverbed Stability: The Case of Smooth-to-Rough Transitions 2016
Limitation of Self-Organization Within a Confined Aquifer 2016
Non-Linear Optimization of a 1-D Shallow Water Model and Integration into Simulink for Operational Use 2016
Scale effects in physical piano key weirs models 2016
A Shallow-Water Model with Depth-Dependent Porosity for Urban Flood Modeling 2015
Landuse Change and Future Flood Risk: An Integrated and Multi-Scale Approach 2015
Bi-Stable Flow Fields and Two-Way Couplings Between Flow and Sedimentation in Shallow Reservoirs 2014
Climate-Proofing of Large Reservoirs in Belgium by the Development of Enhanced Operation Rules 2014
Experimental parametric study and design of Piano Key Weirs 2014
Two-dimensional depth-averaged finite volume model for unsteady turbulent flows 2014
A Fundamental Study of the Inception of Motion of Coarse Sediments 2013
Coupling between flow and sediment deposition in rectangular shallow reservoirs 2013
Depth-Averaged Flow Modeling in Curvilinear Coordinates 2013
Experimental Investigations of 2D Stationary Mixed Flows and Numerical Comparison 2012
Experimental study of velocity fields in rectangular shallow reservoirs 2012
Management of the Interface Between Fixed-Depths Unsaturated and Saturated Soils; Mathematical Model and 1-Dimensional Interpretation 2012
On the Piano Key Weir Hydraulics 2012
Three-phase bi-layer model for simulating mixed flows 2012
Transboundary Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on River Meuse: Flood Wave Selection for Hydraulic Modelling from Ampsin (B) to Maaseik (NL) 2012
Experimental observation of flow characteristics over a Piano Key Weir 2011
Experimental Study of the Hydraulic Behavior of Piano Key Weirs 2010
Modelling Free-Surface Flows and Highly Transient Mixed Flows: A 1D Three-Phase Approach 2010
Experimental and numerical investigations of dike-break induced flows 2009
Analysis and Application of Two Complementary Numerical Models for Predicting Flood Waves Generated by Failures or Dysfunctions Occuring on a Complex of Dams 2007
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Breaching of an Embankment Dam 2007
Global Design of Hydraulic Structures Optimised with Physically Based Flow Solvers on Multiblock Structured Grids 2004
Large Scale 2D Numerical Modeling of Reservoir Sedimentation and Flushing Operations 2004
Modeling of Wave Propagation, Coastal Currents and Their Induced Topographic Changes 2004
Scale Modelling and Similarity Laws for the Study of an Under Pressure Settling Structure 2004
Quasi 2D-Numerical Model of Aerated Flow over Stepped Chutes 2003

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