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Committee on Ecohydraulics Vice Chair 2020-06-16 2021-08-17
JOE Editorial Board Editorial Board member 2017-01-01 2018-01-20
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2015-08-06 2017-08-06

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Optimising Spoiler Baffle Arrangement for Promoting Small-Bodied Fish Passage Through Culverts 2022
A new framework for assessing roughness elements in promoting fish passage at low-head instream structures 2020
Fish passage hydrodynamics: insights into overcoming migration challenges for small-bodied fish 2019
Quantifying propagation characteristics of unconfined turbidity currents interacting with an obstacle within the slumping regime 2019
Using Smart Sensors for Measuring Impact Forces of Large Wood (LW) 2019
A PIV-based Method to Measure Spatial Gradients in Bedload Transport over a Dune 2018
Application of Structure from Motion for Large Woody Debris Research 2018
Effects of a Large Woody Debris Accumulation on Channel-Bed Morphology During Flood Events 2018
Grain and Bedform Roughness Properties Isolated from Gravel-Patch DEMs 2018
Image thresholding process for combining photometry with intrusive flow instruments 2018
LES Mesh Resolution Requirements for Particledriven Gravity Currents 2018
Using Novel Photometric Techniques for Investigation of Ecohydraulic Sedimentation Processes: Turbidity Currents 2018
Formative Parameters for Stable Armor Development 2017
The Effect of Patch Size on Grain-Scale Roughness Parameterization in Fluvial Environments 2017
Local scour at submerged weirs in sand-bed channels 2016
Total Scour at Spill-Through Abutments Under Free Surface and Overtopping Flow Conditions 2015
Armour Layer Development and Destruction: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Beach Raking 2013
Bed Load Influence on Scour at Submerged Weirs 2013
Effects of Contraction Length on Abutment Scour 2013
On the Use of Close-Range Digital Stereo-Photogrammetry to Measure Gravel-Bed Topography in a Laboratory Environment 2013
Change of Particle Size Distribution During Cluster Evolution 2010
Impact of Catchment Size for Stormwater Modelling in the Auckland Region 2010
Numerical Investigation of the Reynolds Number Dependence of the Flow Within Model Ponds at Different Geometric Scale Ratios 2010
Physical Hydraulic Model Study of Sewage Overflow Mitigation, Auckland, New Zealand 2010
Re-Evaluation of Image Analysis for Sedimentary Processes Research 2010
Flume Influence on Developing Dune Beds 2007
Three-Dimensional Measurement of Laboratory Submerged Bed Forms Using Moving Probes 2005

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