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IAHR Position

Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Member 2021-06-21 2023-02-07
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Past Chair 2019-09-01 2021-07-15
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Chair 2017-08-22 2019-09-01
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Vice Chair 2015-10-06 2017-08-22
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Member 2012-01-01 2015-10-06

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Preliminary analysis of air-water flows on steep slope downstream of piano key weirs 2024
Influence of Cycle Number in CFD Studies of Labyrinth Weirs 2023
Application of RGB-D Cameras in Hydraulic Laboratory Studies 2022
Hybrid Investigation of Labyrinth Weirs: Discharge Capacity and Energy Dissipation 2022
Full Issue of Hydrolink 2021-4 Extreme Flooding Events 2021
A Stochastic Bubble Generator for Air-Water Flow Research 2019
Wave Breaking over a Submerged Horizontal Plate: Optical Flow, Les and Rans 2019
Hybrid Investigation on the Hydraulic Performance of a New Trapezoidal Fishway 2018
Hydraulic Structures-ISHS2018 in Perspective 2018
Three-Dimensional Flow Structure Inside the Cavity of a Non-Aerated Stepped Chute 2018
Flowcv - an Open-Source Toolbox for Computer Vision Applications in Turbulent Flows 2017
Application of the Optical Flow Method to Velocity Determination in Hydraulic Structure Models 2016
Image Processing Techniques for Velocity Estimation in Highly Aerated Flows: Bubble Image Velocimetry Vs. Optical Flow 2016
Numerical investigation of USBR type III stilling basin performance downstream of smooth and stepped spillways 2016
Scouring Processes Downstream a Crossbar Block Ramp 2016
Turbulent Dispersion in Bounded Horizontal Jets. RANS Capabilities and Physical Modeling Comparison 2016
Hybrid Investigation of Air Transport Processes in Moderately Sloped Stepped Spillway Flows 2015
Image Processing for Bubble Image Velocimetry in Self-Aerated Flows 2015
Numerical Simulation of Erosion Processes on Crossbar Block Ramps 2015
The Effect of Cross-Waves in Physical Stepped Spillway Models 2015
Manipulation of Non-Aerated Cavity Flow on a Stepped Spillway Model 2014
Air-Water Surface Roughness in Self-Aerated Stepped Spillway Flows 2013
Comparison of 2D Dam-Break Waves with VOF and SPH Method 2013
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Steady and Unsteady Flows in Roughened Channels with Cross Beams 2013
Sensitivity of Phase Detection Techniques in Aerated Chute Flows to Hydraulic Design Parameters 2012
Self-Aerated Skimming Flow on Embankment Stepped Spillways-the Effect of Additional Micro-Roughness on Energy Dissipation and Oxygen Transfer 2010

IAHR Awards

IAHR Awards Date
Willi H. Hager JHR Best Reviewer Award 2023

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