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Deep-Learning Optical Flow Compared to Conventional Large-Scale Image Velocimetry Techniques 2023
Experimental Investigation of Asymmetric Border Ice Effect on Sediment Transport 2023
Effect of Ice Boom Submergence Level on Surrounding Flow 2022
Numerical Simulation of Under Cover Ice Transport Processes and Hanging Dam Formation 2022
Quantifying future changes to winter hydraulics and discharge potential in a large Canadian regulated river 2022
Sediment transport rate estimation in partially ice-covered channels 2022
Hydraulic and turbulent flow characteristics beneath a simulated partial ice-cover 2021
Roughness effect on turbulent flow structure beneath a simulated ice jam 2019
Acoustic Doppler velocimeter measurements of a submerged three-dimensional offset jet flow over rough surfaces 2017
Effects of Ice and Bed Roughness on Turbulent Flow Characteristics Beneath a Simulated Ice Jam 2016
Freeze-up Monitoring on the Dauphin River, Manitoba, Canada 2016
Investigating the Effects of Ice and Bed Roughness on the Flow Characteristics Beneath a Simulated Partial Ice Cover 2016
Estimation of total suspended solids concentration from aDcp backscatter and hydraulic measurements 2015
Experimental study of the flow structures of 3D turbulent offset jets 2015
Development of a Numerical Model for Predicting Ice Conditions on the Upper Nelson River 2010
Effects of Blockage Ratio on Energy Loss Through Rectangular Bar Trashracks for Hydro-Turbines 2009
Laboratory Observations of Frazil Ice 2002

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