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Transient Flows Working Group Advisor 2020-04-01 Now
JHR Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Comprehensive adaptive modelling of 1-D unsteady pipe network hydraulics 2021
Experimental and numerical simulation of bidirectional propagation of an air cavity 2020
Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis for the Selection of Water Hammer Protection Systems for Water Mains 2019
Revisiting Transient Optimization of Water Supply Systems 2019
Steps Toward Redeeming the Physical and Practical Insights of the “Rigid Column” Approach to Transient Analysis 2019
Unsteady Friction in a Rapid Filling Pipeline with Trapped Air 2019
Conceptual analogy for modelling entrapped air action in hydraulic systems By Sandra C. Martins, Helena M. Ramos, and António B. Almeida 2018
Numerical investigation of rapid filling in bypass pipelines 2017
Three-dimensional transient simulation of a prototype pump-turbine during normal turbine shutdown 2017
Column separation and rejoinder during rapid pipeline filling induced by a partial flow blockage 2014
Rigid-plug elastic-water model for transient pipe flow with entrapped air pocket 2011
The Search for the Worst Case Transient Loadings in Water Distribution Systems 2005
Coarsening of Sediment Concentration Under Icecovered Condition 2004
Effects of Ice on the Hydraulics of Inner Mongolia Reach of the Yellow River 2002
Analysis of Interpolation Strategies in Fixed-Grid Method of Characteristics Solution in Open Channels 2001
Ice Jams: Field and Experimental Investigation 2001
Influence of Snowmelt on Runoff in the Upper Main River Catchment 2001
Numerical Solution of the Advection-Dispersion-Reaction Equation Under Transient Hydraulic Conditions 2001
Role and Characterization of Leaks Under Transient Conditions 2001

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