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Committee on Hydraulic Structures Member 2019-09-01 2023-09-09

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Air entrainment by plunging jets of piano key weirs: hybrid modeling at a laboratory scale 2024
Hydrodynamic forces on boulders in block ramps during flow transitions via numerical CFD simulation 2024
Tailwater Influence on Downstream Flow Conditions of Piano Key Weirs 2024
Fluctuation Analysis for Vertical Slot Passes Using CFD Simulations and Hilbert-Huang Transformation 2023
Free-Surface Fluctuations Downstream of an a-Type Trapezoidal Piano Key Weir 2023
Hydraulic Structures- At the Heart of 21st Century Global Sustainable Development 2023
Influence of Local Submergence on Piano-Key-Weir Side Wall Discharge Efficiency 2023
Influence of Non-Linear-Weir Installation on Upstream Floodplains 2023
Energy Dissipation and Flow Regime Downstream of Trapezoidal Piano Key Weirs 2022
Experimental Model Fabrication via 3D Print Technique in Hydraulic Laboratories 2022
Flow Optimization of a Small Lake System in the City of Lubeck via 2D and 3D Numerical Simulation 2022
Flow Transitions on Block Ramps 2022
Introduction and Investigation of a Large-Scale Piano Key Weir Fabricated Via Rapid Prototyping 2022
Preliminary Study on an Integrated Vertical Slot Fish Pass in a Piano Key Weir Structure 2022
Analysis of Adv-Velocity Measurements in a Vertical Slot Fishway Model 2019
Size-Scale Effects of an A-Type Piano Key Weir 2019
Wave Breaking over a Submerged Horizontal Plate: Optical Flow, Les and Rans 2019
Influence of Inflow and Outflow Boundary Conditions on Flow Situation in Vertical Slot Fishways 2018
Numerical Uncertainty of Piano Key Weir Discharge Coefficient Estimations by Means of 3D CFD Modelling-a Preliminary Study 2018
Piano Key Weir Research: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges 2018
Analysis of Dotation Discharge Impact at a Fishway Entrance via Numerical 3D CFD Simulation 2016
Analysis of Various Piano Key Weir Geometries Concerning Discharge Coefficient Development 2016
Planning a Small Hydro-Power Plant in Lübeck (GERMANY) –Who Owns the Water? 2016
Scouring Processes Downstream a Crossbar Block Ramp 2016
Turbulent Dispersion in Bounded Horizontal Jets. RANS Capabilities and Physical Modeling Comparison 2016
Comparison Between Crossbar Block Ramp and Vertical Slot Fish Pass via Numerical 3D CFD Simulation 2015
Discharge Coefficients of Piano Key Weirs from Experimental and Numerical Models 2015
Numerical Simulation of Erosion Processes on Crossbar Block Ramps 2015
Comparison of Piano Key Weir Discharge Coefficients from Experimental and Numerical Models 2014
Manipulation of Non-Aerated Cavity Flow on a Stepped Spillway Model 2014
Numerical 3D Simulation for Groin Flow Characteristics Upstream the Gauge Hattingen at River Ruhr 2014
Comparison of 2D Dam-Break Waves with VOF and SPH Method 2013
Stability of Bed Material on Cross-Bar Block Ramps 2013
Influencing Parameters for Friction Factors and Energy Dissipation on Cross-BAR Block Ramps 2012
Scour Development in Basins of Cross-BAR Block Ramps 2012
Physical and Numerical Modelling of Rough Ramps and Slides 2010

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