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IAHR IWHR Beijing Young Professionals Network Student Advisor 2018-05-04 Now
China Chapter Member 2018-01-01 Now
Water System Operations Working Group Chair 2017-08-13 Now

My Papers and Presentations

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Improvement and Application of General Software for Water Resources Dispatching in Lijiang River Basin 2021
Real-Time Ensemble Forecast and Data Assimilation of Highresolution Urban Flood Inundation Based on Distributed GPU Parallelization 2021
The Key Technologies of Intelligent Urban Drainage Management 2021
Accuracy Assessment and Hydrological Effect of GSMaP Precipitation Products in Xijiang River Basin 2019
One-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulation of Open-Channel Water Transfer Project Based on Data Assimilation of Hydraulic Parameters 2019
Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Based on Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) 2019
Study on Model Selection in Reservoir Water Supply Operation 2019
A Uniform Spatial Allocation Strategy in Solving Water Resources Optimization Dispatch Problem 2018
An Information System Platform for Water Resources Operation in Shiyanghe River Basin, China 2018
Application of Grey Clustering Method Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process in Water Quality Evaluation 2018
Application System for Integrated Water and Water Environment Management in the Hai River Basin 2018
Automatic Feedback Control Algorithm for Canal for a Quick Upstream Water Supply Interruption in the Case of an Emergency 2018
Investigation on friction models for simulation of pipeline filling transients 2018
ISWSO 2018 Preface 2018
Numerical Simulation on a Heavy Storm for 26th Jul of Yellow River 2018
Risk Analysis and Emergency Countermeasures for Oil Pollution in Main Channel of South to North Water Transfer Project 2018
Risk Factors Analysis and Risk Assessment of Sudden Pollution from Traffic Accidents in the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project 2018
Short-Term Runoff Forecasting Based on Hydrological Factors at Nanchang Section of Ganjiang River, China 2018
Study on the Influence and Rapid Prediction of Wind on Water Level for Open Channel Water Transfer Project 2018
Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics Numerical of Wind-Driven Circulations in Danjiangkou Reservoir 2018
A New Method for Boundary Rivers or Coastline Treatment in Watershed Delineation 2010

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