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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Water Resources Management Chair 2023-01-25 Now
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2023-01-25 Now
Asia and Pacific Division Co-opted 2023-01-01 Now
Africa Division Advisor 2022-03-02 Now
Japan Chapter Director 2019-01-01 Now
Sustainable Development Goals Working Group Member 2019-01-01 Now
Committee on Water Resources Management Vice Chair 2015-04-01 2023-01-25

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Multi-Sensor for Debris Flow Monitoring and Warning 2020
Performance of a Small-Compact X-Mp Radar to Monitor Extreme Rainfall Event on 7 July 2018 2020
Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model at District scale–Case Study in Nice 2018
Numerical Study of Building Drag Dissipation Formulations in the Integral Porosity Shallow Water Model 2018
Comparative Study on Effect of Extreame Weather and Urbanization to Flood of Typical Rivers in Japan 2017
Assessing the Uncertainties of Radar Rainfall Prediction and Runoff Simulation Parameter: Toward an Operational Ensemble Flood Forecasting in Urban River Basin 2013
Study on Optimization of the Integrated Dam Operation Using Ensemble Prediction in the Upper Reaches of the Nabari River 2013
A Parametric Approach to Estimate Snow Particle Size Distributions Using an Optical Sensing Disdrometer 2012
Estimation of Rainfall Intensity by Using X-Band Polarimetric Radar with Raindrop Falling Trajectory 2011
Hydraulic and Morphological Characteristics of the Lower Mekong River 2005
Population Growth, and Food and Energy Security Policy-Drives-Their Impacts on Sustainable Water Resources in the Mekong River Basin 2005
Study on Trends of Fish Resources in the Tonle Sap Basin-Their Corelation with Hydrological Conditions of Mekong River 2005
Formation of a Terrace in the Curved Channel Widened by Implementation on the Hinuma River 2004
Two Basic Issues in the Numerical Flood Inundation Analysis by 2D FDM Simulation of Shallow Water Equation 2002

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