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Committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics Co-opted 2020-07-06 Now
IAHR Council Member 2019-10-01 2021-07-31
Committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics Past Chair 2017-08-17 2020-07-06
Committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics Chair 2014-07-28 2017-08-17
Committee on Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics Vice Chair 2010-01-01 2014-07-28

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Bridge Pier Scour Due to Dynamic Debris Jams 2023
Distribution of Turbulent Schmidt Number in Inclined Negatively Buoyant Jets 2023
Effluent Discharge Modelling in Shallow Waters 2023
Practical Considerations of Conducting River Hydrokinetic Energy Resource Assessments 2023
Characterizing Live Vegetation Response to Wave Forcing 2022
Experimental Investigation of Beach Slope Effects on the Kinematic Behaviors of Dam Break Flow 2022
Investigation into the Influence of Flow Variation on Estimated Available Riverine Hydrokinetic Energy by Modelling a Reach of the Rouge River, Quebec, Canada 2022
Numerical Benchmark for Modelling Wave Impacts Against Vertical Walls Using Openfoam 2022
Numerical Model of Wave-Induced Scour Effects Around Coastal Structures 2022
Pier Debris Jam Dynamics and Associated Scour 2022
Towards Informed Tsunami Evacuation Management -- a Direct Comparison Between Agent-Based and GIS-Based Tsunami Evacuation Models 2022
Effect of building overtopping on induced loads during extreme hydrodynamic events 2020
A Novel Collar Design to Mitigate Bridge Pier Scour 2019
A Novel Experimental Technique for the Planar Breach Outflow of an Overtopped Sand Embankment Using 2DV-PTV 2019
Experimental Investigation of Debris Damming in Transient Flow Conditions 2019
Probabilistic Investigation of Debris Impact Forces During Extreme Hydraulic Events 2019
Swing gate generated dam-break waves 2019
Lift and Swing Gate Modelling for Dam-Break Generation with a Particle-Based Method 2018
Flood-Induced Debris Motion in a Built-in Environment 2017
Experimental and Numerical Study of Non-Buoyant Surface Jet 2016
Numerical Modeling of Vertical Buoyant Jets Discharged from Multiport Diffuser 2016
Well-Balanced Variable Density Shallow Water Equations for Outfall Discharge Problem 2016
A Transient Approach Flow Acting on a Square Cylinder-Flow Pattern and Horizontal Forces 2015
Extreme Wave Loads on a Submerged Water Intake in Shallow Water 2013
Influence of Boundary Seepage on the Erodibility of Overtopped Embankments: A Novel Measurement and Experimental Technique 2013
Post Tsunami Engineering Forensics: Tsunami Impact on Infrastructure – Lessons from Three Tsunami Surveys: 2004 Indian Ocean, 2010 Chile, 2011 Tohoku Japan 2013
Field Investigations and Experimental Modelling of the Tsunamiinduced Extreme Hydrodynamic Forces on Structures 2011
SPH Modeling of Extreme Hydrodynamic Forces on Slender Structures 2011
A Methodology to Estimate the Impact of Climate Change on Flood Frequency Distributions 2009
Influence of Compaction and Toe-Drains on the Formation of Breach Channels of Overtopped Earth Embankments: An Experimental Study 2009
Modelling of Tsunami-Induced Hydrodynamic Forces on Buildings 2009
The Effects of Initial Breach Geometry on Dam Breach Morphology 2009

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