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Committee on Hydraulic Structures Past Chair 2023-09-09 Now
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Chair 2021-07-15 2023-09-09
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2021-07-07 2023-09-09
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Vice Chair 2019-09-01 2021-07-15
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Member 2017-08-22 2019-09-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
A Laboratory Study on the Energy Dissipation of a Bevel-Faced Stepped Spillway for Embankment Dam Applications 2024
Comparison of Head-Discharge Relationships from an Arced High Head Submerged Labyrinth Weir Prado Dam - a case study 2024
Hydrodynamic Pressures on High Head – High Labyrinth Weir Walls with Considerations for Weir Wall Structural Loading – A Case Study – Prado Dam Spillway 2024
Local scour at spillways: Coping under extreme hydrologic events 2024
Preface 2024
Submerged Flip Bucket Performance and Downstream Scour Profile – A case study – Prado Dam Spillway 2024
Hydraulic Structures- At the Heart of 21st Century Global Sustainable Development 2023
A Numerical Investigation on Residual Energy of Labyrinth Weirs 2022
Improving Public Safety at Low Head Dams Through Identification Using Deep Learning, Arcgis PRO, and Aerial Imagery 2022
Predicting Density-Driven Exchange Flows Through the West Crack Breach of the Great Salt Lake Causeway with CFD and ANN 2022
Hydraulic Structures at a Crossroads Towards the SDGs 2021
A Laboratory Investigation on Residual Energy of Nonlinear Weirs 2020
From Labyrinth to Piano key weirs 2020
Hydraulic Structures and Water System Management - ISHS2016 in Perspective (Including Introduction of This Symposium and Table of Contents of the Proceedings) 2016
Investigating Supercritical Flows in Curved Open Channels with Three Dimensional Numerical Modeling 2016
Nappe Vibration Mitigation Techniques for Free-overfall Structures 2016
Numerical investigation of USBR type III stilling basin performance downstream of smooth and stepped spillways 2016

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