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Committee on Hydraulic Structures Co-opted 2023-09-09 Now
Working Group on Reservoir Sedimentation Member 2019-08-27 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Comparison of Four-Transducer UVP Configuration and ADV for Flow Velocity and Turbulence Measurements 2023
Passage of Downstream Moving Fish at a Bypass Gate with Bottom Opening 2023
Retrofitting Trash Racks with Electricity to Protect Downstream Moving Fish 2023
Analysis and Optimisation of Flow Around Fish Guidance Structures Using CFD 2022
Comparison of Physical and Numerical Model of Spillway and Pressurized Sediment Channel of a Dam 2022
Development of Low-Voltage Electrified Fish Guidance Racks for Safe Downstream Fish Migration 2022
Effect of Bypass Layout on Guidance of Downstream Moving Fish at Bar Rack Bypass Systems 2022
Fish Swimming Behavior and Bypass Acceptance at Curved-Bar Rack Bypass Systems 2022
An experimental investigation on fish guidance structures with horizontal bars 2020
Fish guidance structures: hydraulic performance and fish guidance efficiencies 2020
Hydraulic performance of fish guidance structures with curved bars – Part 1: head loss assessment 2020
Hydraulic performance of fish guidance structures with curved bars – Part 2: flow fields 2020
Bed-Load Diversion with a Vortex Tube System 2019
An experimental investigation on louvres and angled bar racks 2018
Bedload Transport and Hydro-Abrasive Erosion at Steep Bedrock Rivers and Hydraulic Structures 2018
Horizontal BAR Rack Bypass Systems for Fish Downstream Migration: State of Knowledge, Limitations, and Gaps 2018
Improved Hydraulic Performance of Fish Guidance Structures with Innovative BAR Design 2018
Research Overview on Multi-Species Downstream Migration Measures at the Fithydro Test Case Hpp Bannwil 2018
Various Sediment Measurement Methods and Techniques as Basis for Habitat Quality Evaluation in the River Section of Hpp Schiffm"Uhle 2018
Field Calibration of Bedload Monitoring System in a Sediment Bypass Tunnel: Swiss Plate Geophone 2017
Fish Guidance Structures: New Head Loss Formula and Fish Guidance Efficiencies 2017
Flow Fields Around Fish Guidance Structures 2015
Flow-Plant Interactions at a Patch Scale: A Field Study Using a Stereoscopic PIV System 2013
Biomechanical Properties of Aquatic Plants: Implications for Hydraulic Engineering and Aquatic Ecology 2010
Effects of Plant Leaf Shape on Drag Forces Imposed by Water Flow 2010
Dynamics of Secondary Currents and Surface Boils in Turbulent Open-Channel Flow Revealed by Surface Particle Image Velocity Measurements 2007
Secondary Currents and Coherent Structures, Their Distribution Across a Cross Section and Their Relation to Surface Boils in Turbulent Gravel-Bed Open-Channel Flow 2007

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